FC Bayern Munich: Uli Hoeneß considers an extension with Robert Lewandowski as possible

Honorary President Uli Hoeneß does not consider a contract extension with Robert Lewandowski to the German football record champion Bayern Munich in the coming year.

“Well, a year, we’ll take a look. Maybe he will sign again for three next year. That can happen,” said Hoeneß in an interview with the Merchner Merkur/tz media group.

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Lewandowski has an offer from FC Barcelona, which he would like to accept. In Munich, however, the Polish striker still has a contract until June 2023. “Robert Lewandowski is something completely normal in the economy. One says: ‘I want to go.’ The other says: ‘I don’t let you go’. And then he has to say, the path wants to say: ‘I have to accept that,’, said Hoeneß

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And further: “If the morning breaks the leg, we cannot say: ‘You have to go now because we can no longer use you.’ He had a great performance here. FC Bayern paid great. We are balanced. Very simple. “