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GTA 5 on the Game Boy: German hobbyists get it running

The Game Boy from Nintendo is now 33 years old. However, the cult object is not part of the old iron. Because a German hobbyist impressively proves that even the Gangster adventure GTA 5 runs on the ancient handheld. For this he pulls all the stops and finds a way.

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GTA 5 can be played on the Game Boy thanks to WLAN cartridge

There are numerous interesting games for the Game Boy, some of them are real handheld classics. However, GTA 5 is definitely not one of them. However, this did not prevent the German physicist Sebastian Staacks from making Rockstars Open World Funnel on the ancient console from Nintendo.

There may be more potential in the game Boy than can be seen at first glance – the hardware at the end of the day does not exist to let GTA 5 run native. Instead, the game is streamed onto the old handheld console via WLAN thanks to a special cartridge.

For this, the video signal of the console on which the game runs is only passed on to a PC via a capture card. This compresses the video data and adjusts them so that they can be displayed on the game boy. The edited and heavily downgraded video signal is then transferred to the Game Boy via the wireless network.

At the same time, the entries on the Game Boy are also passed on to the console, so that the game can actually be controlled via the old handheld console. This is a highly simplified explanation. If you want to deal with a deep technical background, you will find a complete breakdown of the project on Staack’s blog.

_ In addition, the smart hobbyist presents his work process and the result in a YouTube video. So if you want to see how GTA 5 looks in motion on the Game Boy, it is best to take a look in: _

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interesting feasibility study

Admittedly, a feast for the eyes is GTA 5 on the old game boy screen. After all, this only offers a resolution of 160 x 144 pixels and poor contrast. And the input lag, which comes about through the WLAN transmission and additional work steps, does not have a positive effect on the flow of the game.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating to see what is still possible with the Game Boy, which is over 30 years old. Oh yes, and if the question should arise now: yes, Crysis runs on the game boy.