How Werder Bremen wants to prevent the punch into the stomach pit

One year after relegation, Werder Bremen is missing only one point for immediate Bundesliga return. But the pursuers Hamburger SV and Darmstadt 98 lurk on a slip of the green-whites.

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Bremen’s mayor Andreas Bovenschulte is super-optimistic, ex-coach Florian Kohfeldt will be happy in Wolfsburg in front of the television, and the planning for a green and white party has long been running unofficially. Anything but the direct return would be a blow to the stomach pit not only for the professionals of SV Werder, but also for the huge fan base in the Hanseatic city.

42,100 spectators want to scream the last point in the game against Jahn Regensburg on Sunday (3:30 p.m./Sky). However, playing the match plan is definitely not the match plan against the Upper Palatinate.

“I don’t even know how that should work. We know exactly that we have a good opponent who may be with a certain relaxation,” said Clemens Fritz, head of professional football among the northern Germans, who, unlike the pursuers Hamburger SV and Darmstadt 98 have direct climbing without any shooting aid in your feet.

HSV keeper: “Of course there is a certain pressure on us”

And yet City Head Bovenschult also warns the Bremen players for full concentration. “The team must not be too safe for a single second,” the SPD politician warned in an interview with the online portal Deichstube.

Slightly said, the 56-year-old announced a reception on the town hall balcony after the Bremen 4-1 win at Schalke 04, promptly the next home game against Holstein Kiel was lost with 2: 3.

Another home defeat of the SVW would be the only chance of competitors to pass the Bremern with victories. Which would give the arch -rival a very special pleasure from the Elbe. “Our trip is not yet over,” said HSV scorer Robert Glatzel of the “Darmstadt Bild”.

After last four victories in a row, the Hamburgers in the away game with Hansa Rostock are the clear favorite. Goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes: “Of course there is a certain pressure on us because we can achieve something. But that’s definitely a positive pressure.”

Torsten Lieberknecht also feels that. “After the defeat in Düsseldorf, we were clocked, but we are still like a burdock on it and can go out of the matter as a winner. For me, the whole story is still a fifty fifty,” said the coach of Darmstadt 98 on Friday.