FIFA 22: Title-Update 11 brings suggestions for FUT

In the past few days, the events regarding the FIFA series overturned: The developer announced FIFA 23 as the last title under cooperation with the World Football Association, EA Sports FC was announced as the successor from Vancouver and the FIFA was waiting for its own gaming plans.

NEW FIFA 22 Update 11 Details ✅ - Here's What's Changing
All of this is still a future music, the present is FIFA 22 – and the eleventh title update. The new patch has been for download on all platforms since Thursday afternoon. This is no longer extensive in the autumn of the season, the focus is on a new function for the FUT transfer market.

deadline day in a career focus

EA Sports integrates an advertisement in the user interface that shows proposed player objects. These suggestions are based on the most used cards in FUT 22 – however, an additional server update is required for the function. The developer will announce its release via Twitter.

The only major troubleshooting in Title update 11 concerns career mode: some virtual professionals were missing in the visualization of the Deadline Day of a transfer period. In addition, partly placeholder images and elements were displayed, and a rare stability problem in career mode was also remedied.

PC fix to the online connection

Title-Update 11 in FIFA 22 is accompanied with the usual renovations of jerseys, player portraits and advertising gangs. The patch is rounded off by a change that only affects PC users: The online connection is no longer automatically separated when the play window becomes out of focus.