Dramatic finish: THW Kiel is in the Champions League

After the remarkable 30:30 draw in the first leg, the hopes in Kiel were great that the THW would be able to solve the semi-final ticket. In fact, the German record champion at the final tournament in Cologne on June 18 and 19 can dream of the next big hit after 2020. After high dramatic 60 minutes.

In the first half, it hadn’t really looked like a German semi -finalist. PSG, which started with Nikola Karabatic (five attempts, five goals), let the muscles play. The THW was exposed to several three-goal residues-including a 1: 4 (6th), 3: 6 (11th) and 11:14 (21st). Kiel’s head coach Filip Jicha, who sometimes had successfully practiced this tactical means in the DHB Cup final against SC Magdeburg, relyed on the seventh field player early.

Before the break, however, the big problem of the German record champion was that keeper Niklas Landin didn’t want to find into play. Jicha was forced to rely on representatives of Dario Quenstedt in the meantime. After 30 minutes, World Handballer Landin had a miserable fishing rate of only eight (!) Percent (a parade). For comparison: France’s national goalkeeper Vincent Gerard supported his team with eight parades (32 percent catch quota).

To make matters worse, after 24 minutes, the Kiel also lost circular runners and defense specialist Hendrik Pekeler, who should no longer return to the floor. The North Germans went into the break with 17:19. In the Kiel cauldron, the home side fought their way into play in front of 10,285 spectators and took the lead for the first time at 21:20 after 37 minutes by superstar Sander Sagosen.

Landin brothers as a key

Shortly afterwards the mood cooked really high when left -handed Harald Reinkind outnumbered the 24:21 for the THW (41.). The Paris Starren Semble fought its way back into play in the final quarter of an hour, but again and again the hosts only led with a goal.

In addition to left wing Magnus Landin (seven goals in seven attempts), leaving his brother Niklas, who increased significantly between the posts after the change of sides. At 33:32 PSG got the ball again, but after a break, middle man Luc Steins failed with an unpaid blast on Landin. Afterwards the Kiel jubilation knew no boundaries.


In addition to the THW, the top of Cologne’s final four also travel to the top of the Polish Kielce around Ex-Kieler Andreas Wolff, Hungary heavyweight Veszprem and defending champion Barcelona, which had slowed SG Flensburg-Handewitt on Thursday.

Thw Kiel – Paris Saint -Germain 33:32 (17:19)

Gates for the THW: Magnus Landin (7), Reinkind (6), Wiencek (6), Zarabec (4), Sagosen (3), Ehrig (2), Duvnjak (2), Weinhold (1), Dahmke (1), Pekeler (1)
Tore for PSG : Remili (8), Syprzak (6), Nikola Karabatic (5), Grebille (3), Prandi (3), Steins (2), Luka Karabatic (2), Kunkoud (1), Brine (1)
viewer: 10.285