On Netflix came the final of the anime Ghost in armor: CO_2045. We look at stylish optening

Today, Netflix was published the second season of the anime “Ghost in armor: CO_2045”, which will end with the next investigation of the ninth department of public security bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Japan.

Major Kusanagi Motoko and her subordinates will once again meet with a mysterious phenomenon, known as a post -music. On the day of the premiere, the Japanese group Millennium Parade laid out pure opters on YouTube – they chose the composition “Secret Ceremony” (“Secret Ceremony”) for it.

Призрак в доспехах: SAC_2045. Стабильная война - русский трейлер (субтитры) | Netflix

On the basis of Sola Digital Arts (Ultramen, “Running Blade: Black Lotus”), along with the director and screenwriter “Ghost in the armor: Loner Syndrome”, Aramaki Shinji worked with Kamamami Kenji (“Space Pirate Harlock”, “Star Trinus: Transfer of Mars “) And the designer of the characters Ilya Kuvshinov.