Concordia Hamburg separates draw from SV Todesfelde

A little later, however, the guests had to deal with the failure of captain Kai-Fabian Schulz, who twisted his knee without exterior influence and needed to obtain off the field with the stretcher (27th). Because of this, the home team remained the much better team, however might not transform the superiority and the increase in opportunities into goals. Saglam, that fell short on SVT caretaker Fabian Landvoigt (32nd), had the best possibility.

It was an action of the domestic Concordia, which took the lead after 2 minutes as well as the first score: In an assault on the best side, Veselinovic was served in the fine location, the Boock filing from the fine location to 1: 0 in the Mases set (second). Inspired by the early feeling of achievement, the home team kept the pressure high, death area did not discover the encounter at the start. The quick equilibrium dropped all the more shocking. Pajonk discovered a half-height flank from Krause, that battered the ball over the line from a brief range (13th).


Concordia closing offending blows over

SV Todesfelde won the subsequent, precautionary penalty shoot-out, which will certainly be possible when both teams have a factor as well as goal equality of the two groups. In the parallel video game, the exterior influences from Emden won 2-1 against Bremer SV as well as secured the first lead.

The replacement Metidji likewise fell short because of the well-placed nation Voigt (84th). On the various other hand, the guests in vain for Pajonks demanded fruitless to be traded folds (82nd). In the end, it remained with two early goals and a counter for both, with which the visitors from Schleswig-Holstein can definitely live far better than the home team from Hamburg.

The occasions were more balanced in round two: SV Todesfelde at first had a great opportunity through Sabas, the conclusion of which was heavily parried by Concordia keeper Höcker (63. ). The occasion squashed in the middle of the fifty percent, just the final stage brought unsafe objective location scenes, specifically for the home team: a dual possibility by Concordias Claus as well as Boock (79th) along with Appiah’s effort from the turning (82. ).