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The Polish J-RPG Sacrifire is moved in the year 2023

He was one of our little favorites of the Summer Game Fest of last year and also one of the tiny nuggets of the computer Gaming Show: sacrifire, J-RPG in 2.5 D signed by the Polish studio Pixelated Milk, And moves its release from this year to the following one.

He was part of the first salvo of titles displayed during the IGN Summertime of Video gaming, events relayed by the renowned American media as component of the Summer Game Fest (do you comply with?), Both to reveal up and invite us a little bit Patience: Sacrifire does not intend to give up the quality to head out this year.


In 2015, Pixelated Milk took advantage of the PC Gaming Show to release the crowdfunding project for this title Fleurant Le J-RPG of the remarkableninetiesas well as hardly a week later it informed us that this project was currently a success. Sacrifire won 136,559 euros out of the 82,000 expected, enough to multiply the newsmilestonesto be crossed throughout its development. We will certainly not whine as well as can be patient until 2023 starting by seeing this new trailer transmitted a few minutes back.