Significant muscle mass injury: Vargas is missing out on Augsburg at the start

He will be missing out on several weeks and also perhaps miss out on the largest components of the preparation.

Stefan Reuter

FCA manager Stefan Reuter talked in a meeting published in the e-paper on Thursday night of the Augsburger Allgemeine of a significant muscular tissue injury that experienced Vargas. This is very annoying for him as well as us. He will certainly be missing out on a number of weeks and also perhaps miss the biggest parts of the preparation.

The 23-year-old Swiss international had experienced an injury to the left thigh prior to his nation’s National League game in Portugal.

FCA begins on Monday


The FCA’s expert squad will start preparing for the twelfth period in the greatest German league next Monday under Neu-coach Maassen.

On July 31, the Augsburgers will play the very first competitive game in the initial DFB Cup main round at the Lower Saxony Oberligisten Blau-Weiß Lohne. The 60th Bundesliga period begins the adhering to weekend.