Eight crucial efforts: Meul climbs for medals

_ from Innsbruck reports Bernd Staib _

Meul started the semi-finals of the very best 20 professional athletes and covered the very first 2 of the 4 bouldering issues. It was also vital that she made this with really few efforts: on the initial course she required 2 efforts, but right away got to the area. The 2nd rock flashed the silver medal winner from Brixen and also was practically on the last training course.

shock kikuchi places favorites under stress meula assist the few attempts

A problem, however, was that Japanese Saki Kikuchi, as the penultimate of the credentials with three tops, interfered greatly in front and thus placed the faves under pressure. For the 19-year-old from Tokyo it was the first semi-finals in her career, she ultimately relocated a round second.

The starting factor was also plainly defined for Meul at Boulder number 3 as well as 4, which were much extra tough: If it would not reach any kind of other tops, it would certainly have to be delayed with little attempts at the very least zone ratings. And she took care of: on the 3rd boulder she pertained to the zone manage in the initial effort, on the 4th rock on the 2nd. This offered her an advantage over the Japanese Futaba Ito, that attained the same end result with two tops and 4 areas as Meul, yet she had 2 more zone examinations on the scoreboard. Inevitably, there were eight crucial attempts that the DAV athlete gave the last.

joos nerves do not hold

The truth that Meul will eventually go fifth to the last on Friday evening (from 7.45 p.m.) was additionally because the very best qualification of Staa Jo from Serbia experienced a raven-black afternoon. The 24-year-old with the experience from 100 international competitors played the nerves a trick after she was the only semi-finalist that she was not able to get to an area as the only semi-finalist. After that there was very little left for the Serb and also she slipped from first to 16.


Grossman once again in its very own organization

Along with Meul, Grossman and Kikuchi, Miho Nonaka as well as Futaba Ito (both Japan) and the South Oriental Chaeyun search engine optimization are also in the bouldering final.

Meul started the semi-finals of the ideal 20 professional athletes and topped the first two of the four bouldering problems. It was also important that she made this with very couple of attempts: on the initial path she required 2 attempts, yet instantly reached the area. The beginning point was likewise clearly specified for Meul at Rock number three and also four, which were a lot more hard: If it would not get to any various other tops, it would certainly have to be delayed with little attempts at the very least zone rankings. And she managed: on the 3rd rock she came to the area handle in the very first effort, on the fourth stone on the second.

When again made a perfect appearance, Natalia Grossman. The American was the only professional athlete to make all 4 bouldering problems and also goes to the final as a clear favorite. The 21-year-old waves the 5th World Cup triumph, which virtually brings her to the spheres of Olympic champion Janja Garnbret, that finished the task in 2019 to win all six World Mugs of one season.

The Slovenian phenomenal professional athlete concentrates on the lead competitors this year and also only finished a Stone Globe Mug. She won this in Meiringen (Switzerland) in front of the existing boss Grossman in early April.

Again outstanding in the semi-finals: the American Natalia Grossman. Image Alliance/ Associated Press