List of Disney Mirrorverse levels – every character in the ranking

In Disney Mirrorvers, players can unlock and play with 45 iconic heroes and villains from the Disney universe. The characters are known as guards, and they oppose the split. These guards are divided into four main classes: close battle, distant battle, support and tank. Having a wide selection of guards, players cannot but wonder which of them are the best. We have prepared for you an exhaustive list of guards levels, which covers all four classes.


all the characters Disney Mirrorvers, ranked

Level S consists of the two best guards of each class, and we recommend that you leave them in the detachment after unlocking them. Below is a list of guards that are absolutely the best in each class.

The best character in Disney Mirrorverse


  • Woody is an ideal guard for fasting in close combat from close range. He has basic damage 581 and maximum health 7373. This means that players can not only inflict great damage with Woody, but also withstand many attacks. His abilities consist of achieve the sky, a summary of the Sheriff’s News and friend in me. Its proprietary ability causes about 200% of additional damage, which makes it an ideal guard to lead the attack.

Best Far Combat Character in Disney Mirrorverse


  • Malefisent is the best guard of the distant battle class in Disney Mirrorverse. She inflicts the basic damage to 553 with a bonus of critical damage 508. Among her abilities are cruel curses, the rage of the dragon and merciless revenge. Her proprietary ability, ruthless revenge, causes damage in the area that imposes Deffa Def on enemies.

Best Supporting Character in Disney Mirrorverse

Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse is a guardian of the support class, quitting gravity, and its basic damage is 500. Mickey’s abilities include star energy, space command and a master of mirrors. Although the first two abilities are available at an early stage, players will need to get a rank of 4 stars to unlock the mirror master.

Best Tank-Tank in Disney Mirrorverse

Mr. Incredible

  • At the top of the tank class there is none other than Mr. incredible. With basic damage 589 and maximum armor 9671, Mr. incredible is the best solution for absorption of enemy fire. His abilities include incredible strength, irresistible justice and a kinetic explosion. Mr. incredible is an excellent guard for your team, as it goes well with all the characters of Disney Mirrorverse.

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