Gligh-Paffdictor: Twitza

The information that Alexander Otto will leave BC Viktoria Glesch-Paffendorf towards the 2nd Bundesliga hit the club like a bomb.

Nevertheless, it was always clear to those accountable that day X would certainly come, the club claimed on Facebook.

We are greater than honored in the tiny Glesch that we lose our instructor to the 2nd Bundesliga.
Otto took over Glesch-Paffendorf in the transfer fight of the Landesliga in 2018, led the BVC just to transfer as well as later to the Middle Rhine League.
Alex brought Viktoria to a new level as well as he leaves us a greater than intact mentoring team, continues the association’s message.
In the future, Otto will enhance the mentoring group of primary trainer Lukas Kwasniok in Paderborn.
Viktoria has actually already offered a successor as well as promotes Stefan Krämer to the brand-new head train.
René Browarski and also Seigo Hirakawa will remain to sustain him.