Ilca details some mechanics from One Piece Odyssey in a designer brochure

Besides theGameplay _, this note pad likewise returns to the musical component, a vital element of the J-RPG. It will indeed be the first meeting in between deep space of One Piece and also Motoi Sakuraba, which the composer of the Stories of and also other video games from Toftware refers to asun interesting obstacle. One Piece Odyssey still keeps its release day however stays prepared for PC as well as PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series gaming consoles.

Reported a couple of months ago on the event of astreambirthday around the manga, One Piece Odyssey is disclosed in an initial developer book in which the producer Katsuaki Tsusuki as well as the composer Motoi Sakuraba go back to the very first phases production of this next J-RPG published by Bandai Namco.


In enhancement to finding new photos ofGameplay _, we find out particularly that the advancement of One Piece started 5 years earlier currently, when that ofBeat ’em up one piece Warriors 4 was wrapping up. In order to go back to an adventure video game, which matches even more to the cosmos of manga having lately commemorated its 25th anniversary in Japan, this J-RPG will include battles subsequently a bit special turn: the battle zone will be split right into several zones, as well as the different members of the straw hat team are dispersed arbitrarily. Each pirate clearly has anmovesetclean matching to its style created in the manga, and also these unique capabilities will also enable gamers to progress in the extraordinary open world of the island of Waford.