Arena search: Türkgücü Munich not in Fürstenfeldbruck

After weeks of required back and forth, the stadium inquiry for Türkgücü seemed to be settled: The 3rd division transfer agreed with area league team SC Fürstenfeldbruck and aimed to get the arena on Klosterstrasse as a brand-new residence venue. This requires some conversions and innovations at the sporting activities facility of the Fürstenfeldbruck City Councilor.

While reports of communication troubles between club and politics appear repeatedly in the past few weeks, the responsible individuals have actually constantly been optimistic. Now, nonetheless, a bitter trouble for the club originated from the Fürstenfeldbruck community hall: The city council denied the proposition of Türkgücüs to use the SCF’s venue for the approaching regional league season.

Türkgücü will certainly play in the regional league

Given that the decision was made without discussion, Mayor Erich Raff (CSU) can not offer a factor for the rejection: From the administration’s factor of view, there were currently no adverse reasons. The safety and security idea that was not yet completely existed was also no reason for a rejection, because the demands of the football association until July 6, he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Türkgücü, which has actually only connected using Instagram because the set video game in March, scolded the choice of the common council: This is really a detraction. As well as something like that must no much longer be admitted Munich. The organization pushed favorably later on: Of program, the board took safety measures in excellent time. Türkgücü will certainly play in the regional league. We will quickly provide our new home to you.

paves the way to Türkgücü to Lohhof?

On top of that, Türkgücü will be permitted to play a maximum of twelve games in the Grünwald stadium. Because other groups are situated there with 1860 Munich and FC Bayern II, the 3rd division transfer needs one more option location that satisfies the requirements of the regional league.

If there is no agreement on an alternative arena by then, Türkgücü will likewise have to go to the Bayern League. The residence video game of the area league team SV Lohhof is presently being checked out for regional league suitability.

25-man squad stands

At the same time, Türkgücü was busy on the transfer market and had the ability to assemble a team from 25 men so far-of it from last year’s 3rd department group. In the past couple of days, Linor Shabani (from 1860 Rosenheim), Benedikt Auburger (1860 Munich) and Stefan Musa (SV 1910 Neuhof) have actually joined the young team.


Türkgücü will certainly play in the regional league. Due to the fact that by next Tuesday (July 5) all regional organizations have to report their places to the Bavarian Football Organization (BFV). If there is no arrangement on an alternate stadium by then, Türkgücü will certainly additionally have to go to the Bayern League. The house video game of the area league team SV Lohhof is presently being examined for regional league suitability.