Established package game sales company SUPERDELUXE GAMES. The first is Tetris Effect and Solkresta

Hachinoyon and Limited Run Games announced on July 6 of the package game sales company Superdeluxe Games (hereinafter SDX). At the same time, Solkrestra Dramatic Edition and Tetris Effect Connected have been announced as the first sales title lineup. The compatible platform is PS4/Nintendo Switch.


SDX is a packaged game sales company established by Hachinoyon and Limited Run Games. Hachino-yeon has been a localized translation for domestic and has been working on a publishing business in recent years. He has a reputation for both Japanese-UK and English-Japanese localization, and has been well supported in domestic expansion of UNDERTALE. Limited Run Games, on the other hand, is a company that sells downloads and retro games packages based in the North American area. And SDX was established by Hachinoyeon and Limited Run Games to meet the user’s request to collect high-quality games as a package.

The SDX is planning to sell two types of Standard and Collector’s version. The standard version includes the instruction manual, which was always included in the former game package. In addition, in the collector’s version, in addition to the standard version package, special goods that convey the charm of the title will be sold and sold. The standard version will be sold at stores and dealers on the SDX official website. The collector’s version will be sold only from the store on the SDX official website, but in the early stages, it may be handled by dealers depending on the title.

On the SDX official website, registration for a newsletter has started today. As the first sales title lineup, reservations for Solk Star Dramatic Edition will start at the store from July 14. The standard is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2022, and the price is 5478 yen including tax. The Collector’s version will be released around February 2023 and will be 18,590 yen. In addition, a reservation for Tetris Effect Connected will be launched on August 4. This is said to be undecided for the release date and price.

The following is a comment from the SDX establishment of Solkresa Dramatic Edition, Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games, and Tetsuya Mizuguchi from Tetris Effect Connected.

Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya:
Everyone, thank you. In cooperation with SDX, the package version of Solkresta and its luxurious versions are finally possible in Japan. We have long been a developer as a developer, and have begun to set up a system slowly with the goal of developing and selling our own titles, but the release of the package version is still high, but this time SDX. With the help of, we were able to make a luxurious version of not only the package version but also various bonuses. The luxurious version talked and planned what the staff wanted, and we were satisfied. I think we were able to build a very good partnership for us, who consider the user’s satisfaction as first. I hope I can do something interesting with SDX in the future. Thank you.

Enhancans Tetsuya Mizuguchi:
Nowadays, digital publicity has become the mainstream, and the physical (material) package designed with novel ideas has attracted people and attracts many fans. I think it’s an interesting sign that can be called a counter culture of the digital era. In recent years, such a movement has moved abroad, but I am very grateful as one of the creators that his SDX has finally launched this business in Japan. I am. SDX expects a novel and special package work that many fans will love for a long time. First of all, I would be glad if you could pick up our masterpiece, Tetris Effect Connected.

In addition, the official SDX Twitter account will be opened today. It seems that various latest information such as information about the release title will be posted. In addition, SDX will be exhibited at the indie game event Bitsummit X-Roads to be held in Kyoto on August 6 and 7 next month. Details will be released at a later date on the official SDX Twitter account.