What to do with runaway eggs in Hollow Knight

In Metroidvania Hollow Knight you can find many objects, amulets, improvements and much more. While many of them have obvious use, some of them are vague. One of them is a rotten egg that may make you think about what to do with rotten eggs in Hollow Knight.

Bad eggs can be given to NPC named Confessor Dziji . After the exchange of Dziji will cause your shadow from any place in the hack, saving you from the need to look for it. You will still need to defeat the shadow if you want to restore your soul and ge from it.

where to find the confessor of Dziji in Hollow Knight

The confessor of Dziji can be found in the farthest building on the right in Gryazmut. To open the Dziji building, you need a simple key, one of which can be bought from Slah after you save it and it will open his store.

How to get runaway eggs in Hollow Knight


You can find runaway eggs throughout Hallow Knight. The easiest way to purchase this item is to buy it from Tuk in royal waterways. This merchant will sell you an infinite number of eggs if there are no 80 fragile eggs in your inventory. Otherwise, you can find Racid Eggs in the following places:

City of tears *: two eggs
Crystal peak : Three eggs
Deep nest : Three eggs
Gryazmut *: One egg
Forgotten intersection : One egg
fungal waste : One egg
Greenpat *: One egg
The edge of the kingdom : two eggs
Queen’s gardens : One egg
Places of rest *: One egg
Royal waterways *: Four eggs

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