Billa fires Austria into the quarter -finals versus Germany

Austria’s team boss Irene Fuhrmann had really hoped before the game that the Norwegians would experience 0: 8 claps against England-and it ought to be as it revealed after a couple of minutes in the essential and also 3rd group game.

The supporting among the Austrians was endless after the video game. After a brave video game in the final of Group A versus Norway and also the gold goal from Billa, the quarter-finals versus Germany will certainly happen next Thursday (9 p.m.).

Norway wobbles, Austria with very early important

The ÖFB team occurred much better and also, above all, much more dangerous. When she had Feiersinger’s long-range shot slid via her fingers (11th), Norway’s goalkeeper Pettersen was fortunate that she conserved the bar behind her. For Billa’s level from a severe angle, she parried strongly again (34th).

The two-time European champion did not discover right into play at all, which was likewise because of the early as well as dangerous important Austrians. The Norwegian defensive specifically frequently appeared unsteady, striker Hegerberg was almost totally airborne. Only Hansen’s shot from an acute angle radiated something like danger (16. ).

Billa utilizes your liberty

The leading marker of the Bundesliga from 2020/21 was repeatedly entailed in promising offensive actions-in min 37. After Hanshaw’s flank, the opponent of TSG Hoffenheim had a great deal of area in the charge location and headed cleanly into the right reduced edge.

Even after the modification of sides, Norway continued to be hindered, a lot remained with the Scandinavians. Austria, on the other hand, remained to play smartly, pushed extra specifically, yelled defensively, showed running determination and also made it difficult for the opponents.

The excursions on the offensive likewise came to be less usual at the ÖFB team, however Hickelsberger-Füller (50th) and haze (62nd) had various other great last possibilities. Replace Makas had the very best, but Pettersen parried with a little good luck with the left hoe (72nd).


Zinsberger still needs to step in

The two-time European champ did not find into play at all, which was also due to the very early and also toxic important Austrians. Norway’s goalkeeper Pettersen was lucky that she conserved the crossbar behind her when she had Feiersinger’s long-range shot slipped with her fingers (11th). For Billa’s degree from an intense angle, she anticipated highly once more (34th).

Norway opened a bit more in the last phase in order to be able to bring around triumph with the crowbar. The ÖFB team currently safeguarded deeply on their very own fine location and also did not allow anything definitive.

Austria therefore moves right into the quarter-finals en masse 2nd and also will certainly meet Germany on Thursday (9 p.m.) in Brentford. For the two-time European champion Norway, on the various other hand, for the second time in a row at an European Championship in the group phase.

Norway opened a bit more in the final stage in order to be able to bring about success with the crowbar.