The official announcement of the multiplayer RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Various character build, strategy and luck, bone fantasy

On July 22, the developer SGRA STUDIO announced the multiplayer RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods . Compatible platforms are PC and iOS/Android.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an online multiplayer RPG. It is said that game play in parties will be the basis. According to IGN, the world called ARKENDIA, which was devastated by the battle of the gods, is set. ARKENDIA has various areas such as forests, plains, ice fields and underground caves. Players will travel around those areas freely and do various missions and side quests prepared.

ARKENDIA was once burned out by Dragon God. Dragon seems to be an important thing in this work, and in the adventure, a dragon with three heads called Tiamat appears. Players seem to be aiming to defeat Tiamat, which has the power of darkness that destroys the world. In addition, many dragons have appeared, and by defeating them, you can get valuable equipment.

The game play is a system that is also expressed as a semi-real-time combat. Select actions such as attack, defense, forward / retreat during battle. It seems that the position of the character is particularly important. It seems that tactics such as confronting the swordsman with an enemy one-on-one and burning the enemy group with a wide range of magic. In addition, dice rolls are used in various phases, such as battle, persuasion, transactions, and theft. It seems that the success or failure of the dice is determined.

More than 200 characters can be friends. In addition to the large number of oaks and humans (Plain Humans), there are a variety of races, such as dark elves and undead. Each character build is also available, and more than one million buildings are available.


DRAGONHEIR: Silent Gods will be released for PC and iOS/Android. In addition, this work was also held a closed beta test the other day. The release is soon.