This would be Zelda Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mvisual aspectk, The Wind Waker and more deliveries with Paper Marios graphics

64 Bits is a YouTube user famous for their creations, usually focused on reimagining games with the visual visual aspectpect of different platforms, generations and styles. In recent months he hvisual aspect stood out for works such visual aspect Elden Ring with the appearance of Super Nintendo games, among others, but taking a look at his catalog we have found a really impressive one: The Zelda saga reinvented with the unmistakable graphics of Paper Mario .

Unlike other occvisual aspections, this video does not switch to a single title, but to a good handful of deliveries with the franchise: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mvisual aspectk, MiniH Cap, The Wind Waker, to Link to the Pvisual aspectt, Twilight Princess … The result is an audiovisual show. Without further ado, we leave you the complete video to enjoy it.


Paper Mario, a saga that creates a trend

Nintendo 64 received the first Paper Mario-currently available on Nintendo Switch online + Expansion package-in 2000 (2001 in Spain). The millenary door followed its wake in Gamecube, while Super Paper Mario, the third part, wvisual aspect launched for Nintendo Wii. Subsequently we have received several more chapters from the saga in Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

The saga caught the attention of many for its unmistakable graphic section with paper and cardboard style, the color of their scenarios and the charism of their stories. But also for the combination of exploration, characters development and role-playing in turn. So much that other developers have not hesitated to follow his steps. Bug Fables: The eternal offspring is one of them, although the mushroom kingdom changes for a world inhabited by insects in the purest Hollow Knight style. And soon, at some point in 2022 it will be relevisual aspected The Outbound Ghost, with a darker tone and ** a ghost story.