Alone in The Dark returns with a new game, and looks great

Look that video games have many examples of works that many people speak, but that little has really played, but there are some cases that surely generate great consensus. One of them has to be, by force, Alone in the Dark . Born in 1992 of the mixture between graphic adventure and the genre of horror is considered, together with Sweet Home, the father of the _survival horror.

Despite his fame, which even served him to have several sequelae and two films led by Uwe Bolt (the first one starring Christian Slater), has failed to reach our day, as did a saga born after Alone in the Dark as is Resident Evil . But today the creation of a new installment has been made official, one that seeks to relive it from among the dead to make it in force.

Thq Nordic and its great franchises

Alone in the Dark, which is what this reboot will be called, it is the sample of the extensive catalog of intellectual properties that Thq Nordic has in the pocket after the mass purchases made by embarrass Group . As canons send in this type of situation, it is a search for the balance between being faithful to the original spirit of the infotrams game, and bringing enough mechanics and characteristics present for the franchise to be attractive to new players.

In MGG Spain we have been present in a small presentation of the game to media around half an hour . In it, from those responsible we have been able to know and, above all, see more about this reboot of one of the most influential sagas in the history of video games.

The team and previous jobs

And let’s start with this last theme, who is behind the game. The study in charge is PiecesInteractive , a study with an extensive past in tasks of support for great studies, but that you can know for being part of the development of Titanquest and Magicka 2. Although we are talking about terror, the code name Here isMikael Hedberg *, writer of Soma and Amnesia.

Without a doubt they are two of the great titles of terror in the last decade, and precisely very interesting from the narrative point of view. Hedberg receives the project controls here, in addition to taking care of writing the video game.

But there are a couple of additional surprises, such as an expert musician in the doom jazz Guillermo del Toro ** in several of his films.

But let’s enter this new Alone in the Dark. The most important thing can be seen in the first seconds of the trailer, and the location changes a bit. We return to the Derceto Mansion , and return to the state of Lousiana , but now that mansion will not be an abandoned place to explore, if not anything else. The derceto mansion will be a mental hospital for wealthy , and will be set in the years 20 . In this way, they tell us, it will be possible to have more characters and a richer story than the original.

The video game adopts a third person with a camera on the shoulder, deeply reminding us of The Evil Within , one of the most outstanding survival horror of recent years. We can play so much with Emily Hartwood , niece who writes a letter asking for help, as with Edward Carnby , detective that accompanies him to the place. This breaks with the original, because Edward was completely playable, while Emily was limited to small concrete moments.

As those responsible tell us, with this game they had the goal of bringing back characteristics of the first as the mansion, but also the oppressive atmosphere that we already had in that title. Similarly, it seeks to bring back the triad Exploration-foul-Puzles , but with additional components such as current graphics in Unreal Engine 4 and a more cinematic story.

At the moment the game is closing its alpha phase, so from THQ Nordic and the development study they still do not want to commit to a specific launch date . What we can tell you is that through everything we have been able to see, the game seems very well aimed, and should not extend its launch too much. It is planned for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.