Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could have a cooperative mode

Spider-Man’s fan public is partying because the version for PC of the first game developed by Insomniac Games has been released, and although the mods have not been expected, there is something that It draws a lot of attention. This is some files that could relate to the next important title, especially to the way you can play.

Among the data, users discovered that this video game will have a cooperative mode of two players, which a user can use Peter Parker and another to Morales thousands . This game mode had been rumored since its official announcement more than a year ago, but there is still no video advance that shows us.

Within these folders, data described as Player 1, Player 2, Red Equipment, Blue Team and Prototype are coming, indicating that a prototype of cooperative and PVP was being tested using Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered . An indication that could be implemented in the new installment that is being developed for PlayStation 5.


It is worth mentioning that since that first teaser released more than a year ago, there has been no news of how the creation of long expected launch by Insomniac Games has The same happens with Marvel’s Wolverine , a title that could come even later than Trepamuros himself, we will have to wait to receive more information.