Final fantasy xiv

FF14 Patch 6.2 Forbidden Memory Patch Note released today. In addition to many new content, new attempts such as the zero -type preparation period and the disclosure of job adjustment intentions.

Square Enix released a patch notebook for the Patch 6.2 Forbidden Memory of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14) on August 23. Many new content will be implemented, and some experimental attempts are different from the previous FF14.

As new content, new main quests, slow life content Uninhabited Island Pioneering, and 8-player content Manmaden Pandemonium: Purgatory will be added. As an experimental attempt in Patch 6.2, the highly difficult battle content, Munamaden Pandemonium Zero: Purgatory, is an implementation one week later.

The zero type, which is a high difficulty content added to the so-called even patches, has been implemented at the same time as the patch release, and the fierce people have been challenged to capture. However, the high difficulty version, Zero, could not be challenged unless the normal version with a story was cleared, so there was also a feedback that I can’t enjoy the story slowly when I try a battle quickly.

The Zero-type Manmaden Pandemonium Zero: Purgatory will be implemented one week later from the patch release. Weekly tokens and production equipment that can acquire new equipment will be implemented simultaneously as the patch release as usual, so players who challenge zero are given a one-week preparation period. Manmaden Pandemonium Zero: Purgatory will be released around 19:00 on August 30. The players who are going to challenge will prepare for a week.

Regarding the job adjustment, the maintenance of the firepower balance in the roll is mainly implemented. The four jobs of Night, Warrior, Samurai, and Reaper were raised by adjustment in PVE. In addition, the job adjustment of the power adjustment is a balance adjustment due to the change in the calculation formula of the substation. The job that could not shine on the firepower compared in the roll is adjusted numerically. The dark knight’s Shadow Control and the machine engineer Automaton Queen are adjusted, and it seems that the targeting of multiple enemies will be clarified. In addition, detailed adjustments have been implemented in many jobs. In addition, as the new PVP series starts, the PVP action has been adjusted.

Regarding the job adjustment, a new attempt has been made from this patch. At the bottom of the job guide, the intention of adjustment is now posted. Job adjustment of FF14 often breaks the opinions of players, and every day, there is an outspoken discussion on the official forum. Some of the discussions were heated up and strong words were thrown to the development staff. Yoshida P stated in the 72nd Producer Letter LIVE that these were caused by the lack of intentions of the development side, and what intention was made from patch 6.2. It will be described as a thing.

Click here for the adjustment of PVE, and you can know the details of the adjustment of PVP here, so if you are worried, please read it.

The FF14 Patch 6.2 will be released today on August 23, and the maintenance will be completed around 19:00. From 15:00, a patch notebook will be held by producer and director Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio Guru. In the annual patch distribution, Mr. Yoshida himself will introduce updates with the hot points and supplementary information. Let’s take a look for players who have time to patch. Please read here for the full patch notebook.

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