Swiss league punishes Müller for homophobic declaration

The responsible disciplinary judge in the Swiss league playing system imposed a fine of CHF 2000 (the matching of around CHF 2070) against Müller and additionally shared a referral. The history is a TV meeting of the 29-year-old after the 1: 4 of his group in St. Gallen, in which he revealed homophobic. The club and also players had apologized afterwards.

In today choice, the corrective court in the game company system assumes that Marius Müller has made the declaration thoughtlessly and also without concrete, subjective proof intent to provide homosexual individuals, states the justification of the league. In enhancement to Müller’s apology, it is likewise taken into account that he did not attend to a referee or a particular player nor against the audience or a details person in the stadium. Rather, Marius Müller provided his stress with his disappointment with the inadequate protection operate in his view His teammate expression, it says surprisingly in the reason. Accordingly, Müller is not blocked for a game of his group.

formerly under agreement with Kaiserslautern as well as Leipzig


Müller has actually been playing at FC Lucerne because 2019 as well as celebrated the mug success with the traditional club last year. For the Saxons, he came to an affordable game in the credentials for the Europa League of the 2018/19 season in the 1-1 in the 2nd round of the 2nd round at the Swedish club BK Häcken.