How to always win in tic tac toe

ICT TAC TOE and its variations have been played for thousands of years, even from BC, and still retains some fun, especially for children. It is simple, easy to understand and can be played almost anywhere, from your phone to a table napkin. You can improvise and place your brands anywhere or you can learn How to always win in ICT Tac Toe with the best TIC TOE TIC Strategy.

How to always win in Tic Tac Toe | The best strategy of three in line

The best tic toe strategy when you go first

Image Source: Pixabay/Piro4D

It will find it much easier to win on Tic Tac Toe if you go first; However, the possibilities decrease depending on how your opponent respond to your first movement. In the best case:

* Assuming that you are playing X, place the first brand in any corner.

While your opponent does not place your or in the center, go to the next step.

* Now place your x in the opposite corner of the first.

It does not matter what corner, provided that the opponent is not among your brands.
Place your x in the remaining corner.

* Place your x in the remaining corner.

Any competent player will try to block your last movement. By placing its X in the last corner, it has assured two possible ways to win.

* Place its final x in the center of the board.

This means that the player tried to block your last movement once again. Now you can win diagonally. If they place the or in the center, you can secure a victory along the sides.

What happens if your opponent places his x/or in the center? Play the round following the same steps to at least cause a tie.

The best tic toe strategy when it goes seconds

Image Source: Pixabay/Piro4D

Winning tic toe going second is a bit more complicated due to the great advantage that you can offer first if your opponent places its x/or in a corner. If they do not, you can follow the strategy of the previous section to win; If not, you can cause a draw (or possibly win):

  • Assuming that you are playing or and your opponent placed its x on the corner, place your or in the center.
  • Your opponent will now try to ensure a position in each corner, so you will respond by placing your or between his brands.

Depending on how the game develops, you can potentially win with this strategy or, at least, cause a draw. It is usually the last, but if your opponent makes an error, you can make sure a victory by getting three in a row in the middle of the board.

Now that you know How to always win in ICT TAC TOE with the best TIC TOE ICT strategy, why not try Corner Chess Piece? If you prefer strategy card games, there is always Hearthstone and its last expansion.

Fuence of the prominent image: pixabay/piro4d

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