FC Bayern: Hasan Salihamidzic responds to severe accusations of VfB Stuttgart

Hasan Salihamidzic responded with sharp criticism to the insurance claim of ing activities’ supervisor Sven Militant from VfB Stuttgart that FC Bayern is methodically encouraged by the referees.

Salihamidzic, on the various other hand, saw the scene as follows: Gimmick draws the foul, he really feels that. I would have whistled that also, he is likewise my gamer.

After the 2-2 in Munich, Militant had supervised of the unbiased Christian Singer after a joke by Chris Management against Joshua Gimmick by video evidence, the meant 1: 1 of the CFB (51. ): You can not utilize such choices, said Militant, even if it is certainly challenging to get here versus the Bavaria entrance hall as a referee in such a stadium, with the pressure as well as the atmosphere.

This was come before by a complicated decision on the game on Saturday (2-2). Additionally, the Munich s director described the too much get-together with Robert Lewandowski.

This has actually been attracted to the hair and was not the most intelligent sentence, said Salihamidzic in 1 double pass.

Nonetheless, it troubled him that we are now taking a scene versus Bayern Munich and also make something like a Bavaria entrance hall from it, said the s director. Discussing it for an hour currently is excessive for me.

FC Bayern is not scared of Lewandowski

The previous professional awaits a friendly function for the previous Munich grant on Tuesday (9:00 p.m./ Prime Video). He won everything with us and also brought a massive efficiency. I won’t whistle, stated Salihamidzic, and the followers likewise have a feeling for the circumstance.

In spite of the outcome dilemma in the league, FC Bayern, at the same time, wants to go back to see Robert Lewandowski and FC Barcelona in the Champions Organization with confidence. We are not afraid, however not at all, however respect for every single opponent. We play at residence and desire to win, stated Salihamidzic.

Nagelsmann needs to discover his style

The 3 draws in the series in the organization are not our case, emphasized the 45-year-old, that was 2-2 versus VfB Stuttgart, but was a slip, I do not desire to paint black.

The s supervisor reported that instructor Julian Nagelsmann still had to find his design in dealing with all the top celebrities. The numerous changes after the triumph against Inter Milan in the Champions Organization were concurred in advancement, claimed Salihamidzic.

gone along with the television look of the Bavaria official in the dual pass in the live blog. The most vital declarations:

We play at home as well as want to win, stated Salihamidzic.

Salihamidzic: Naturally I more than happy for everybody, that we have made this picture of FC Bayern that we had in public. Now we are one step better and need to familiarize ourselves with the appreciation for the transfer market Duration can now be pushed aside..

Couldn’t Joshua Circle be the male you were seeking? I believe he has to take one more action to grow in there. We have actually now done it to ensure that we can keep purchasing it back..

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Salihamidzic is asked whether some FC Bayern gamers are now disappointed with Julian Nagelsmann’s management style: Each of us is asked, the gamers also. Who goes out?

I agree with you: It is essential that there is one, a ing activities’ supervisor that can choose, claims Hasan Salihamidzic.

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Salihamidzic: We talked concerning a coffee together. We really hoped that we still win the game.

+++ Leipzig’s coaching and also ing activities’ director political election +++.

I am always mad when we really did not win. It wasn’t sufficient. It was much insufficient movement, intensity and this movement that we would or else prompt the square, said the Bosnian.

Salihamidzic: In the end we made a decision that we would sell it. If we had no substitute, we would certainly have remained no. It was only feasible due to the fact that we took money..

Despite his degradation, Max Ruse will most likely participate in training for the time being. If this is a good idea, Hasan Salihamidzic is asked: Naturally not, especially such a gamer. Max is one who draws the video game itself. He is a huge player. You will certainly rest down and also clear up that..

A particular Robert Lewandowski is presently causing a sensation at Barça. While FC Bayern is currently typically missing the required killer instinct, the post in Catalonia meets the existing quantity.

If FC Bayern might have needed to work with a new number 9 again, Pit Gottschalk asks the Bavaria s board: We believe in the gamers that exist. Serge (Gary), he did not satisfy the other day, however is Usually an awesome, we have Mane. We asked ourselves who would be far better than those that we already have..

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They are old enough to know what you post. Our children post several training images, once in a while you can see them from holiday. They also have agencies that encourage them. I am not on the go on Instagram, Twitch or What that means, states Hasan Salihamidzic.

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As necessary, there are as a result discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of the departure of the second-rate Bundesliga objective marker of perpetuity in the double pass on Sunday.

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Utilizing the example of Jamal Musial, that was not used a number of times in the very first few weeks of the period, a discussion develops whether Julian Nagelsmann revolves a lot of players.

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I will not whistle, stated Salihamidzic, as well as the fans likewise have a feeling for the circumstance.

+++ Leipzig gets up once more under Rose against BVB +++.

Ehrenberg: I was turned 2 to three times, as well as you ask yourself: Why? Julian has to Also discover to clarify to these leading stars that they have to go to the bench..

It troubled him that we are currently taking a scene versus Bayern Munich and also make something like a Bavaria lobby from it, said the s director. Talking about it for an hour now is excessive for me..


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Salihamidzic recalls that he when shot his initial royal course objective in Barcelona. But we always looked quite excellent in Madrid. Naturally there is something feasible for Leipzig. If they got something there, it would certainly be great for German football. Best of luck..

Ehrenberg after that makes sure a laugh in the round: I’ve been thinking for ten mins, as that means. Jerk? Such a children’s network?.

Room: For me directly: I wanted Actual Madrid. It is my initial Champions League victory. And also there is no far better outcome than a 3-0 against BVB to travel to Madrid. Donetsk was a warning, However we’ll be excellent currently. We intend to reveal the face like against Dortmund..

Ehrenberg: The extensions with new, Müller, Gary were simply as vital. It is now up to the boys..

Salihamidzic: I think that this offers a brand-new point of view for every1. For me to analyze the game from above and also have a particular range. I am in the cabin during the break..

Salihamidzic: I can discuss that. He would possibly have actually played, had a muscle issue on his hip. That’s why he was taken out. He is a significant player..

+++ Provocations in Bremen +++.

Salihamidzic: We had a really excellent start, additionally won in the Champions Organization. Everyone recognizes that also Gamer. I state plainly: this is not our insurance claim.

I wish to say it in this manner: it was a slip. We are still at the beginning. We rotate a lot, the instructor additionally needs to please many players. It is now important to locate an excellent tact. But I also informed him: I prefer that we often play a draw than that we have disappointed players. That’s why I do not see it so black..

The following subject is RB Leipzig’s brand-new train Marco Rose and also the search for a brand-new s director. Max Ebert is the desired prospect there. Ehrenberg recognizes: There are now talks, but Playback normally demands a transfer charge. Leipzig requires a ing activities’ supervisor to make sure that Mintzlaff can additionally most likely to an additional degree..

What does Stefan Ehrenberg expect from Julian Nagelsmann? It is the most significant difficulty for this young gamer if you have 20 national players in the squad. He does not yet have the experience that a Jump Dances has. It is difficult to clarify to the gamers that they do not play. It is not Cofferdam, but Bayern Munich. He additionally has to learn to reveal this in the press conferences. In the end, the fitness instructor has to address and also decide that. And also if the outcomes do not come, it will certainly be discussed..

We had actually wanted to invest cash in the years. Bayern Munich always has to pay attention to the monetary and also make sense.

Stefan Ehrenberg: Sadly an occupation finishes. He likewise has to be in shape, otherwise it does not work.

VFL instructor Nike Kovacs said on the sidelines of the video game against Frankfurt not to count on Max Ruse any longer.

+++ Brazil concerning the nasty on Gimmick +++.

Stefan Ehrenberg claims: For me, a whistle would certainly have been affixed to Leverkusen versus Leverkusen.

It belongs to it to a certain extent. What the followers did is not feasible, stated the previous midfielder.

Salihamidzic replies: It is clear and qualified that we are now reviewing it due to the fact that we have not won. If we had won, it wouldn’t be. Barça saved gamers also, yet they won 4: 0..

a lot more: After degradation: Max Ruse articles Grinse-Selfie.

Does it annoy Salihamidzic when an FC Barcelona spends a lot of money? I’m not looking there, yet it is unexpected..

RB Leipzig defeated the excellent competitor Borussia Dortmund 3-0 in the initial game under Marco Rose. Stefan Ehrenberg stresses: The success was well should have as well as clear..

At the end of the program we went over the Friday video game Bremen against Augsburg, as visitor keeper Rafael Gikiewicz. The pole was revealed to misuse of the residence followers as well as provoked back. In the end, he held a charge in added time. Sometimes, he also was in some cases in justifications on the yard, says Stefan Ehrenberg and also makes certain that some smile.

It is after that discussed whether Mintzlaff as soon as voided the previous Leipzig ing activities’ supervisor Markus Roche in the decision to hand over Julian Nagelsmann to Bavaria. Is there such a thing at FC Bayern? I agree with you: It is vital that there is one, a s supervisor that can choose, states Hasan Salihamidzic.

Salihamidzic was able to cope with the draw against a strongly playing Union Berlin. A little confidence and also the decision were missing out on, said the 45-year-old, that added to the upcoming Champions League game: That was also little today.

+++ Just how do you have to play against Lewy? +++.

National gamer David RAM from RB Leipzig is switched on. Why did it work versus BVB?

Gottschalk intends to complete the canonization as well as asks if the mane obligation put the subject of center onward Ad ACTA. We likewise need to look at the annual report. The children also earn a great deal. We will of program have a look at the period for now.

+++ Ehrenberg concerning the demonstrator scenario +++.

+++ Exactly how is the 3rd Bavaria attract? +++.

Is Mathis Tel the one that can become a number 9? He is 17, has a great deal of top qualities, this nose, the shot: he is the best skill in Europe in this position. Obviously, whatever was concurred with the fitness instructor, Brazil pushed after. We lack Robert’s goals, but we have adaptability..

Salihamidzic commended the newbie and its way of thinking. Mane currently had 2 games in which it really did not go.

The final distinction against VfB Stuttgart on Saturday has left clear traces at Bayern. Quickly after the last whistle, s supervisor Salihamidzic went hard with the gamers.

First, I have to claim that I had to get here. I just got a couple of days prior to the initial league game. Yesterday I found something myself in the video game and also was able to assist the team, replies area when asked if needed to alter his playing design after moving to Leipzig.

Ehrenberg: We need to make it clear: Along with Lewandowski, there are just 2 on the world market. Benzema as well as Kana and you can’t get them. And afterwards this Bavaria offensive has an extraordinary potential..

Hasan Salihamidzic, who knows Nike Kovacs from Munich from time together, states with regard to the choice of the VFL coach: Of training course he has his concepts. I’m sorry because he (Ruse, note. A great footballer is.

Are the talks with Harry Kane already run? Maybe likewise with his sibling Charlie? I really did not talk to any person, replies Salihamidzic.

Hasan Salihamidzic is first addressed to the 3rd draw in a row. Not so good. At Union, you can play a draw, yet we do not have factors versus Playback and Stuttgart, stated the Munich s director.

+++ Why really did not Musial constantly play? +++.

Wagner: The situations are absolutely similar. We need to be straightforward. It was not a fine in Bremen, it would certainly have been best to proceed playing right here. If we see the video game in Berlin in the context, it is reasonable that there is no whistle, Because the gamer still draws his arm away..

The previous midfielder does not want to hang expensive. That’s a phase. Nevertheless, he is a phenomenal player..

Ehrenberg: After such an inter video game: that would be too much turning for me as a gamer. I wouldn’t have played with six brand-new individuals..

Umpire coordinator Lutz Wagner is activated as well as discuss 2 other questionable circumstances from the Bremen video games against Augsburg and also Bertha versus Leverkusen. When there was a penalty, when not.

Salihamidzic is asked whether some FC Bayern gamers are now dissatisfied with Julian Nagelsmann’s leadership design: Each of us is asked, the players too. Hasan Salihamidzic, that knows Nike Kovacs from Munich from time with each other, claims with respect to the decision of the VFL train: Of training course he has his principles.

Salihamidzic: We know it rather well, the children will understand that. The trainer will certainly readjust them. However, it is not simply Lewandowski, they have created an excellent group. We are not scared, but regard. We play at home as well as desire to win..

+++ David space is activated +++.

Salihamidzic admits that the charge was entitled to VfB Stuttgart in added time. CFB ing activities’ supervisor Sven Militant had talked of a Bayern lobby after the video game, since the Swabians were formerly revoked a goal. It is really unusual that the coworker notes this Bavaria perk.

Ehrenberg: It will certainly be a large challenge. I’ll state it such as this: Lewandowski will certainly benefit from the possibilities that Bavaria just recently left out..

I believe Marco (Rose) took care of to change ourselves well in 2 days. We have actually stumbled upon the mindset as well as aggressiveness. If this strength exists, our private top quality is likewise available, claims the full-back.

Salihamidzic says: He draws the foul, he really feels the pull. I would have whistled that as well, he is additionally my gamer. In midfield, the umpire would certainly have whistled..

For Sven Militant’s comment that FC Bayern has an entrance hall with the referees, the Bavaria s supervisor does not intend to take any kind of further steps. It just drew the hair. He might have had a moment when he really did not claim one of the most intelligent sentence..

Salihamidzic: I am looking forward to the game, to attractive football. These are the video games for which we live and function. He is a gamer who has won everything with us.