How to build Maine from Cyberpunk Edgerunners at Cyberpunk 2077

The anime Cyberpunk Edge runners is full of interesting characters that exemplify their trade, but few may live up to Maine. An imposing tank of a modified human, is a wall that stands between its crew and total destruction over and over again. That is why it would not be a surprise if you are trying to find out How to build Maine from Cyberpunk Edge runners in Cyberpunk 2077 . Fortunately, we are here to help with this detailed guide on the subject.

Cyberpunk Edge runners Maine built on Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberwar, weapons and equipment

Building an adequate version of Maine in Cyberpunk 2077 will require some time, effort and a large investment in Cyberwar.

This is because its construction focuses on being resistant enough to resist the constant attacks of enemies and, at the same time, inflict enough damage to fly to enemies easily. To that end, almost all the elements and equipment that will need focus on Cyberwar that improves these aspects of their character.

* Cybernetic software

*** Berserk operating system **
 * This operating system offers everything you will need for Cyberpunk Edge runners Maine compilation, from greater damage and resistance to opportunities for health regeneration. However, it will require a high-body score, and the legendary variant requires an 18-body attribute score.
  • Although you can get minor variants of Ripper Doc in the game, the best variant is easily the military Berserk MK.5. The Charter Hill Ripper Doc Nina Travis will be sold after reaching 29 Street Cred, and will cost you 35,000 eddies.
    * Smart Link

    • This cyberwar for your hands is crucial, since it will allow you to use smart weapons. It has no statistics requirements, and more common variants can be purchased at any Ripper doc for 6,000 eddies.
  • However, for the legendary variant, you must go to Viktor Vector in Little China. He sells it to you for 16,800 Eddies after you have a Street Cred score of 11.
  • Cure when killing
    • This Cortex front implant will help you regenerate the health of each enemy you kill. You will need a statistic of reflexes of at least 8 to begin to equip its variants, with the legendary variant that requires 18 reflexes and restores 10 percent of your health for each murdered enemy.
  • You can buy them in a variety of Ripper Docs in Night City, which include: Robert Rainwater in Kabuki (4,000 eddies for the common); the Aldecaldos Ripper Doc in the Mobile Camp of him (6000 swirls for Uncommon); the West wind Estate Ripper Doc (16,000 swirls for Epic); and Cassius Ryder in Northside (4000 for unusual or 28,000 for legendary).
  • Blood pump
    • An implant of the circulatory system that can instantly cure 50 percent or more of your health when used. It requires a minimum of 8 body to equip, and the legendary variant requires at least a statistic of 16 body.
  • Available in almost all Ripper Doc of the game. However, for the legendary variant, you must go to the already Ripper Doc in the Mobile Camp of the Group. It will cost you 28,000 swirls, but will restore 90 percent of your health when you use it.
  • Catharsis
    • This immune system implant increases all your resistances by up to 35 percent. You will need a high cool statistic for this cyberwar, and the legendary version requires a minimum of 15 cool points.
  • In addition to the common variant, Fingers sells all other versions in Japan Town. However, he will only sell them if you do not hit him during Judy’s search line, so avoid making that decision at all costs.
    * Subdermal armor

    • Increase your armor, allowing you to resist more damage. This does not require any specific attribute score, so it is easier to equip a legendary variant immediately.
  • The best variant can be bought from Robert Rainwater in Kabuki after reaching 30 Street Cred. It will cost you 11,200 eddies in total.
    * Bionic Boards

    • This implant reduces the recoil of remote weapons by up to 25 percent. Both variants require a minimum body score of 12 to equip them.
  • The Ripper doc only sells the implant in wellsprings for 4000 eddies.
    * Projectile launch system

    • Unfortunately, you will not be able to equip all arm implants that Maine uses in the program at the same time. As such, it is best to opt for this launcher integrated in the arm. This Cyberwar will automatically point to your enemies with an explosive projectile, inflicting decent damage and knocking down the weakest enemies of the board.
  • Most Ripper Doc sells this cyberwar after reaching 20 Street Cred, and any variant is viable for this compilation.
  • weapons
    * Smart shotguns

    • Any intelligent shotgun brand fits better with this construction and can help you go through enemies easily. Nor will you have to worry about choosing an iconic variant, since its statistical benefits are insignificant compared to common and currents versions.
  • In particular, L-69 Zhao is the easiest to get immediately. You can buy the weapons seller in the center area.
  • Gear
    • In terms of armor, there is no specific outfit that is linked to Maine and can be achieved in the game. As such, you are free to use any outfit you want to make your armor score as high as possible.

Cyberpunk Edge runners Maine Build Attribute Point and Perk Distribution

Once the necessary equipment and implants have achieved, the next step will be to correctly distribute its attribute and advantage points for a cyberpunk construction Edge runners Maine in Cyberpunk 2077.

Mainly, you will be turning points in body, reflexes and great. The body must be your highest statistics, and you will want to reach 18 as soon as possible. After that comes reflex, and must upload it to at least 15 for the required cyberwar mentioned above. The latest is your Cool statistics, which must rise to 15. However, we recommend that you increase even more, since several advantages related to cool are exceptionally useful when the attribute is maximum.

Below are some of the advantages that we find that they fit better with this compilation, divided by its main attribute and its subclass. Most of them fall into the body and cool categories, since most of the advantages of reflection will not affect their damage or defensive potential.


  • Athletics
    Regeneration *: It allows you to regenerate health during combat
    Metamorphosis : Increase your health regeneration threshold up to 75 % in combat and 100 % out of combat when it is completely updated
    War dog : Increases health regeneration in combat by 60 %
    V Team *: Being beaten by attacks does not interrupt health regeneration
    Indestructible : reduces all incoming damage by 10 percent
    Bolton : Health regeneration is activated 60 % faster in combat
    Ani-tiquilization *
    Rain of bullets : shotguns inflict up to 10 percent more damage when they are completely updated

    Display : inflicts 15 % more damage to moving objectives with shotguns
    Just in the center *: Increases the damage inflicted on the torsos of the enemies by the shotguns by up to 20 percent when completely updated
    Excavator *: Increases the critical probability of shotguns by 5 %


  • Cold blood
    Cold blood *: After defeating an enemy, the speed of movement increases by 2 percent for a maximum of 7 seconds when it is completely updated. The effect can accumulate up to three times.
    Fast blood flow : While Cold Blood is active, he increases health regeneration inside and outside the fight by up to 10 percent when updated completely. The effect is multiplied by the Cold Blood Stacks number.
    Pain is an illusion : While Cold Blood is active, all the damage you receive is reduced by 5 percent
    Easy output *: While Cold Blood is active, damage to remote weapons enemies increases by 20 percent. The effect is limited to enemies within a radius of 5 meters of you.
    Defensive coagulation *: While Cold Blood is active, the armor increases by up to 8 percent when it is completely updated. The effect is multiplied by the number of active cold blood accumulations.

That should cover everything you need to know how to build Maine from Cyberpunk Edge runners in Cyberpunk 2077. To get more information about the game, see the articles related below. We also have many other articles related to Edge runners, including guides on how to build David Martinez or Lucy.

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