DFB Schiri GmbH rejects claims of the nepotism

The long-time objective emphasizes that the overarching rule interpretation, in which expertise from the exchange with the clubs and also football experts likewise incorporates, is carried out by those liable for DFB Shirt GmbH in control with the DFB pupil. In doing so, he opposes the insurance claim that the DFB managers made a decision themselves, which decisions are incorrect as well as which one is appropriate, as it was claimed in the stated report. The classification of individual situations as well as the analysis of the umpire solutions are executed by particularly educated instructors as well as onlookers, according to the organization.

The accusation that the bosses could easily determine who can whistle globally as well as it is regarding having the ideal network, the DFB thinks that employees choices would be made on the basis of existing solutions and performance development. Naturally, this also relates to the elections of the worldwide list of umpires, describes Fröhlich.

The speculation sensible man sensible guy, The large Plunge report, Build am Sontag), said in a statement by the association on Monday.

The German Football Association (DFB) defends itself against the allegation of nepotism and also Angeles against his Shirt GmbH.

In their deal with the active (…), those accountable in DFB Shirt GmbH preserve an open and cooperative management style, in which communication takes location through many individually discussions and team occasions, it claims. Umpire manager Lutz Michael Fröhlich emphasizes that essential responses is specifically wanted-even if it was provided anonymously.