Odin developer Lion Heart Lasting preliminary review

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] lion heart studio of ‘Odin: Valor Rising’ is approved by the NASDAQ market listing preliminary screening and is in full-fledged listing process.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 30th, lion heart studio (CEO Jae-young Kim) received a review approval on the 29th as a result of the listing preliminary screening claimed on July 22.

lion heart studio is a game developer founded in May 2018 by Kim Jae-young, who won the 2014 Korea Game Award for ‘Blade For Aka’. In the process of securing additional stakes by Aka Games, the company’s value is nearly 4 trillion won.

The company achieved an operating margin of 93%, with Odin: Gala Rising, which was released in June last year through Aka Games, recorded sales of KRW 232.6 billion last year and operating profit of KRW 25.3 billion.

If you have a preliminary screening of listing under the Korea Exchange Regulations, the listing must be completed within six months. After completing the screening approval, lion heart studio will later go through the process of submitting a securities report, a company briefing session, a demand forecast, a public offering, a subscription, and paying a weekly payment.