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Autumn is here! The popular role-playing game Roblox Royale High has just released Autumn Halo 2022, a halo of hours of witch , and the players are already lining in line to experience their luck. The design of this halo is very different from any other halo, which we have ever seen, it is extremely large, rotates and almost rushes on the player’s back. This halo has a dark blue color and includes various rotating yellow stars.


Right answers

To get this halo, users must correctly guess the best result of the story given to them from the fountain in the city center. Below is a diagram that describes in detail everything that we currently know about various stories and their results. Since these results are fully randomized, there may be periodic updates or awards/punishments that we have not found yet.

Active Stories Halo Witch Hour

As new stories are found with appropriate awards or punishments, we will continue to update this table. If you have found any stories or results that we did not mention above, tell us about this in the comments below!

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