GTA Online: How to get the Lampadati Casco car for free

Halloween is getting closer, so in GTA online a series of special events will take place during these weeks, although what does not change is the weekly challenge of the prize vehicle with which you can get a car for free. On this occasion he has touched the Lambada Cisco , as we are going to tell you in this guide.

How to get the Lambada Cisco car for free

To be able to expand the ranks of your garage you will need to be members of the LS Car Meet. If it is your case, then you have the opportunity to give cane to this weekly challenge that will remain active until October 12 and that will require that you step out the accelerator.

The objective that has been established on this occasion is that of staying in any of the first four positions in the careers of the Car Meet de ls, but you must do it for four days in a row. If you succeed, then you will receive the Lambada Cisco for free.

Between career and career you can also go through the test track, where you will have at your disposal the emperor secure, the Pass Infernos and the Sister Growler. You can conduct them all that you want free of charge in the countertenor races, in tumults or simply limit you to see what it feels like to pilot them.

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