How to fix the overwatch 2 blurred graphics error

If you are currently playing Overwatch 2, you may have noticed a new error in which the screen does not seem clear, which makes general experience difficult. So, to help you with this problem, we will provide some tips and tricks on How to fix the error of blurred overwatch 2 graphics to return to the game.

Overwatch 2 Borrows Graphics Error Correction 2

To correct blurred graphics error in Overwatch 2, you can try these options:

Abandon the game. *
Get out of the game.
Update Overwatch 2.
Disable the ‘dynamic rendering scale’ in video configuration.
Change the ‘rendering scale’ to ‘customized’ and confuse it to a minimum of 100%. *
Make sure that ‘high quality demonstrating’ in ‘graphics quality’ is in ‘predetermined’.
Disable ‘Quality’ antialias ’or configure it in FAA/SAA Low.
* Repeal Overwatch 2.

Those who still find the problem of blurred after leaving a game or leaving the game can modify their configuration to prevent this from happening. For example, deactivating the dynamic rendering scale will eliminate automatic screen resolution mechanics that could be causing this error.

You can find this section in the video configuration, as shown here:

Source: Blizzard Entertainment through

In addition to this change, users can also customize their ‘rendering scale’ to their liking, since the ‘automatic’ function can make the graphics look blurred. If everything else fails, you can try the remaining methods in the list to see if this problem is solved. In addition, Overwatch 2 developers have been making some settings in the game, so there could be more updates that help solve this problem.

So there you have it, this is How to fix the error of blurred overwatch 2 . To get more help with the game, you can consult our guides on how to solve the error disconnection of achievements and ‘waiting time to communicate with the services of Battle.net’. Be sure to explore the relevant links below to get additional content.

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