Gakuen Juvenile Denial RPG Kowloon Demon Gakuen Ki ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE Steam version will be released on November 10. Occult and youth days spent at a mysterious school

Ark System Works announced on November 1 that the Steam version will be released on November 10. The price is 3190 yen including tax. The Steam store page has been released.

  • PS4 version PV

Kowloon Demon Gakuinoki Origin of Adventure is an HD remastered version of the RPG Kowloon Demon Gakuenki for PlayStation 2 released by Atlas in 2004. The stage of this work is Tenney Taken in Shikoku, Tokyo. The protagonist is a treasure hunter boy who transferred to Tenney Taken to find a secret. The protagonist finds a mysterious underground archeological site with the school student. However, at the same time, various mysteries occurred at the school. The protagonist will also approach the identity of the unknown school while investigating the underground archeological site.

In this work, the protagonist will conduct a survey of archeological sites while spending his daily life at the school. While searching for archeological sites, we will move and attack with a turn-based mechanism. There are enemies in the archeological site, as well as gimmicks and mystery solving. A strategy of aiming for friends with two kinds of skills and the weaknesses of the other person seems to be important. On the other hand, various options appear in the adventure part. Due to favorability and choices, the characters will become friends and help them investigate archeological sites. In addition, this work also has a system that selects the reaction to the other party based on emotions. The reaction of the other party changes due to the nine emotions selected from nine types of love/fuel/friend/friend/sad/sad/cold/angry/ignorant. There are also elements such as changing the name when the liking increases.

In this work Kowloon Demon Gakuinoki ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE, it is said that all the games have been rebuilt as a remastered version of Kowloon Demon Baku Sonora. In the adventure part, all graphics such as characters and event CG are refined. The dungeon part supports the wide screen and can play this work on a powerful screen.

In addition, the voice of the character, the main scenario, is fully voice from part voice. Voices can be switched from options to conventional part voices. The graphic will be the HD remastered version with the production of refinement full voice. In this work, the Nintendo Switch version was released in June 2020 and the PlayStation 4 version was released in March 2022. With the release of the Steam version, this work can be played on a PC.

The Kowloon Demon Taken I ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE PC (Steam) version will be released on November 10 for 3190 yen including tax.