On -Mind, UNIT 2022

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] On-Mind’s Virtual Human NASA (SUA) was introduced at Unity’s global developer conference ‘Unite 2022’.

Unite introduces Unity’s latest technology and projects and shares its insights with industry experts. Unity highly appreciated On mind’s Virtual Human implementation technology and know-how, and released NASA’s dance performance demo video at the Keynote session related to Virtual Human.


In the video, NASA showed a lively movement like a real person, with a delicate facial expression and a natural dance movement every time he moved. On-Mind’s Virtual Human is based on a Unity engine. The company explains that using a Unity engine to take real-time movements with high-quality graphics similar to real people, and to apply Virtual Human to various platforms such as mobile, PC, VR, and AR.

On-Mine is interacting with a global tech company to create a more realistic Virtual Human. In order to upgrade the ‘hair motion’, an important factor in indicating the dynamic movement of the model, the company continues to work with Unity and AMD to continue partnerships and cooperation on hair technology.

Kim Hyundai, CEO of On-Mind, said, In 2020, NASA was selected as a promotional model for IT leading company Unity Korea, and then introduced at Unity’s massive events means that on mind’s technology has been recognized global in the world. We will try to increase human resources as well as to raise the research and development field to a high level so that we can make the on mind’s reputation.