Elon Musk does not rule out Twitter bankruptcy

With just three weeks with Twitter reins in his possession, Elon Musk continues to face constant dismissals of extremely important personnel for the company. In this way, The Executive has indicated that bankruptcy is an option for the future of the company.

According to an email shared to employees in the middle of the week, Musk has not only pointed out that additional effort has to be made for Twitter Blue, the platform subscription service, to generate half of the company’s income but has mentioned that, in case companies continue to withdraw their publicity from the social network, bankruptcy is something they could face . This was what he commented:

Without significant subscription income, it is very likely that Twitter does not survive the next economic recession. We need approximately half of our income by subscription.

This statement comes to light while the Twitter template is substantially reduced. At the beginning of the week, thousands of workers were fired, and others have decided to leave the ship before it sinks . This is the case of the resignation of three senior security officials: the Director of Information Security, Lea Kisser, the Privacy Director, Damien Kieran, and the compliance director, Marianne Fog arty.

Along with this, Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, has revealed that two employees who were hired with the aim of maintaining the advertising of companies on Twitter , also renounced, which does not paint a positive panorama for the social network. On related issues, work from home has ended on Twitter. Similarly, false accounts are already more common in this social network.

Editor’s note:

Clearly, Elon Musk is not doing a good job. His ideas may sound good on paper, but his vision of freedom of expression simply gives more weapons to all those who wish to spread a hate speech, something that great companies do not like.