Prior To 2022 World Cup in Qatar

As a World Cup basic practice session, the video game against Oman did not wish to comprehend. The 1-0 test video game success for a stubborn dfb group nearly ended up being an embarrassment in which a newcomer was the only winner. The clearest awareness: Germany is not yet in a World Cup kind.

After a partially desolate appearance against the Oman, national coach Hansi Flick still saw the significance of the test game satisfied. One might get used to the conditions and the hot temperatures. Shouldn’t you be able to expect a little more versus the 75th of the FIFA world rankings?

With all regard, the German actors might be bought frequently versus players who play almost specifically in the Omani league. That likewise annoyed Flick, and he clearly said this in journalism conference after the video game: I am not delighted as we defended-we are not enabled to dip into the World Cup. We require more physicality, I missed that.

Missing battle solidity: So the DFB group will not exist in Qatar

An individually scenarios against the quite lively Romanians were provided once again and once again. The Germans lost 62 percent (!) Of the 73 led battles in the 90 minutes of Mask at. The DFB-Elf was able to play its size benefits in the air and 62 percent of the 21 air duels win-but at the exact same time tosses an even worse light on the duels led on the ground. This balance is likewise impressive because the Oman only reached a foul twice throughout the game.


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Now one may ask forgiveness to the absence of physicality that no player wishes to injure themselves instantly before the tournament. However, ultimately, the choice of Hansi Flick is about a suggestion for a beginning location in the group games of the World Cup. And no one will do without any battles.

Scary: Apart from Matthias Winter, no German starting player had a positive duel. Jonas Hoffmann won just one of his six duels that Bayern gamers Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sané missed out on all solidity versus the ball. So you will not have the ability to exist against agile and vibrant Japanese, nor against experienced Spaniards. And it likewise becomes difficult against Costa Rica with such a setting.

The DFB defensive is not a saddle festival versus the Oman

With Niklas Sure and the battered Antonio Rudder, which did without the Flick in Mask at, the nationwide coach must pick significantly more robustness and structure at the start of the World Cup.

In this formation abbey, the defense chain will barely appear on the right to the World Cup on the right, inside the sweeper and winter. The only player who was at least partially advised from this quartet was the mainly solid Matthias Winter. Nico Schlotterbeck, who replacemented for Freiburg, won all of his battles in the 2nd half and had a few clear minutes in the building video game.

Not just the defense center could be shocked too often, the protective outer lanes remained a weak point. David’s room constantly offers an offensive accents, but his left defense was often entirely orphaned. On the right there is also a big question mark: Lukas Klostermann, who had taken a trip nearly without video game practice, was replaced after 30 minutes, which was so discussed according to Flick.

With Jonas Hoffmann it resembles space: the Gladbacher has its strengths on the offensive. A possible understanding of the national coach: The chain of 4 on the Oman does not work as hoped. As evaluated a few times, a triple chain of qualified main protectors could be the means of option.

In the defensive midfield, both Leon Goretzka and Play Gunboat made uncommon many bad passes, both lost too lots of battles. Joshua Gimmick, who had actually substituted in the second half, just did a little better.

the offensive and a winner: Nicolas Fuller

As a World Cup general practice session, the game versus oman did not desire to comprehend. After a partly desolate look versus the Oman, nationwide coach Hansi Flick still saw the meaning of the test video game fulfilled. That also upset Flick, and he plainly said this in the press conference after the video game: I am not delighted as we defended-we are not allowed to play at the World Cup. Ultimately, the selection of Hansi Flick is about a suggestion for a starting place in the group games of the World Cup. Nico Schlotterbeck, who replaced for Freiburg, won all of his battles in the 2nd half and had a couple of clear minutes in the building video game.

At the age of 17 and 361, Mouton became the youngest German international given that We Seller in 1954 (17 years, 345 days), otherwise the Dortmund had little to cheer.
13 mainly unfortunate ball campaigns and a post shot in the 45th minute were available.
However, can you expect more from an 18-year-old?
Filling star Kai Havertz prepared Fuller’s goal, but served as fortunate as Leroy Sané.

Flick’s offensive realization: Nicolas Fuller is a great choice as the only genuine striker.
Whether this likewise works against Japan or Spain is entirely open.
Lars Riemann

Just a few minutes later, Fuller pushed the ball again after a rebound over the linefeed from the offside position. Fuller has revealed Flick what he can.

One of the few positive findings may have been the Bremen Nicolas Fuller. In his worldwide debut, he provided himself as a genuine penal striker from the 2nd half, who used his possibilities and used among them in the 80th minute. With his first objective in the DFB gown, he redeemed Hansi Flick and his protégés.