Formula 1 – Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP Max Verstappen Golds Pole, Sebastian Vettel Ne.


World champion Max Verstappen with confidence got the lead. In the certifying of Abu Dhabi, the Red Bull pilot referred his colleague Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc in Ferrari

The 35-year-old Vettel is just on the edge for the 35-year-old Vettel in 2010. He understood that the last race from cutting off most likely will not be the emphasis of my career, he stated

Vettel, in turn, had supper with all the driver coworkers on Thursday, for Saturday night he welcomed the whole paddock to run one last round on the track with him and take an XXL group picture. His ex-team Ferrari offers him an engine cover, in the paddock the lettering Thanks SEB was emblazoned countless times

Verstappen, who is in Formula 1 on Pole for the 20th time, still has its own objectives: On Sunday, the boss can still broaden his record to 15 triumphs

Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher set an exclamation mark again. Max Verstappen likewise controlled the last certifying of the Formula 1 season

It was a great deal of fun. This is a highlight for us this year, stated the Aston Martin pilot, who likewise admitted: It feels a little different now, however I could also enjoy it extremely much.

There is plenty of space for feelings. This is how father Norbert Vettel amazed his well-known boy in the team garage with the very first racing helmet, the first racing gloves and the first general on Friday. Mick Schumacher and Fernando Alonso use helmets in Abu Dhabi in the normal Vettel design: white with black-red gold

Vettel will contest his 299th Grand Prix on Sunday. The Hesse was in the pole position 57 times

I am pleased that both cars and trucks are in the first series of starting series, said Verstappen: We desire to win the race. A week back in São Paulo, Verstappen had actually made headlines because he did not want to provide Perez

In the battle for the Vice World Championship behind Verstappen, Perez has the nose slightly in front of Leclerc: Both go to the last season race on Sunday (2:00 p.m./ Sky), but the Monegasque Leclerc is presently in 2nd WM because of the more victories

Tape world champ Lewis Hamilton (England/Mercedes) reached 5th place and threatens to end a season without victory for the very first time in 16 Formula 1 years

Mick Schumacher, who has to abandon his cockpit at Haas after two years, beat his team-mate Kevin Rasmussen in his privately last Formula 1 certifying. The Dane, who will drive together with the returnee Nico Gutenberg for the United States racing team in 2023, only reached 16th location

Sebastian Vettel when again conjured up the top ten of the beginning line-up when he was stating farewell. The four-time Formula 1 world champ secured ninth location in certifying for his last Grand Prix and therefore stopped his season best

Formula 1: Qualifying at the GP from Abu Dhabi result

Start certifying: The very first 18 minutes is about getting a location in the top 15. The first drivers are currently on the track

Before the start: The sun has actually sunk in Abu Dhabi and the route temperature level is currently 46 degrees. The air temperature is 29 degrees

Vettel from the top 10 when farewelled: Sebastian Vettel protected a location in the top ten when he stated bye-bye. The four-time world champ will begin with the ninth place to begin tomorrow in his last race. For Mick Schumacher, after a good efficiency, it also went to the Q2. He will begin the final race of the 2023 season from 13th location

New best time by Carlos Sainz in Q3: The very first lap times in Q3. Carlos Sainz presently leads with a time of 1: 24,281 minutes ahead of Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc

It heads out once again: it goes back on the track. Almost three minutes remain on the clock. Can Vettel and Schumacher boost and secure the area in the top 15?

Square driver
1 Pérez
2 Leclerc
3 Saint
4 Stopped
5 Hamilton
6 Norris
7 Russell
8 Vettel
9 Icon
10 Riccardo
11-out Alonso
12-out Sunday
13-out Schumacher
14-out Walk
15-out Guano

Formula 1: Certifying at Abu Dhabi GP now in the Linebacker start Q3

New best time of Yuri Sunday in Q1: Yuri Sunday marks a brand-new finest time in Q1 with a 1: 26.135. Schumacher is 2nd, Vettel starts fourth. 8 pilots have actually currently provided a time

Fresh soft sat Red Bull: Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez go to their Q2 with fresh soft. Lando Norris is already on a fresh set of the soft in his very first run

Prior to the start: The fight for the World Cup has been chosen for a long time, Max Verstappen has won the 2nd title in a row in the Red Bull. The focus is for that reason on a male: Sebastian Vettel. The veteran revealed in July that this season will be his last as a driver in the premier class of motorsport. Can the 35-year-old get a good starting position again?

Formula 1: Certifying at Abu Dhabi GP now in the Linebacker result Q1

Excellent Vettel round: good round of Vettel! The Oppenheimer can not be agitated by the sluggish cars and trucks on the path and fifes 5th. This should go out with Q2!

Boxen funk Sergio Pérez: Sergio Pérez inquires about radio what happened, and he is informed that Verstappen’s cars and truck had a little issue, which is why he started the Q3 late. Seems Like Red Bull wished to attempt to use slipstream

Vettel in 3rd place: Sebastian Vettel first sets up in 3rd location. However, the pilots originate from the top groups

Verstappen likewise starts: Max Verstappen is now starting with the Red Bull. Russell, Icon and Alonso are those who are still in the garage. It should not take a long time for you to take on certifying

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: I do not know what took place, I had zero grip at the back, reports Verstappen about radio. Extremely unusual.

Prior to the start: The 3rd training session won Sergio Pérez in the Red Bull. The Mexican drove a 1: 24,982 and was 0.152 seconds quicker than team-mate Max Verstappen. Mercedes verified the form from Brazil. Lewis Hamilton ended up in third location while George Russell was 4th. Lando Norris episode in fifth place. One need to not be pleased with Ferrari. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz did not get beyond ranks six and seven

The very first runs concern an end: The very first runs have ended. Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher, Valtteri Bottas along with Alex Albion and Nicholas Latin would no longer be there

Vettel in seventh location: Sebastian Vettel can be discovered in seventh place at the end of his round. Now he will need to wait and see what it is enough for. The competitors are now going out again and calls the big showdown

Before the start: The last qualifying of the season will happen on the Was Marina Circuit. The start is scheduled for 3 p.m. German time

Formula 1: Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP in the live ticker for reading

Q3 started: Start of Q3! In the next twelve minutes, it is chosen who will get the last pole in the 2022 season! The first automobiles are already on the track

Square motorist
1 Max Verstappen
2 Sergio Pérez
3 Charles Leclerc
4 Carlo Saint
5 Lewis Hamilton
6 George Russell
7 Lando Norris
8 Esteban Icon
9 Sebastian Vettel
10 Daniel Riccardo
11 Fernando Alonso
12 Yuri Sunday
13 Mick Schumacher
14 Lance Stroll
15 Zhou Guano
16 Kevin Rasmussen
17 Pierre Gaily
18 Valtteri Bottas
19 Alexander Albion
20 Nicholas Latin

Hamilton is out: The middle sector does not fit together at Hamilton, and it is clear that it too can not be dangerous. What does Sergio Pérez do? It is insufficient for him either. He lands two tenths behind the teammate

Can he still object to Max Verstappen? He remains 0.1 seconds behind Verstappen

Formula 1: Certifying at Abu Dhabi GP now in the Linebacker start Q2

Formula 1: Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP now in the Linebacker start Q1

Boxen funk Lewis Hamilton: The brake is still an issue, reports Hamilton through his radio. He is simply going into the flying round

New best time by Sergio Pérez in Q2: Sergio Pérez marks a new finest time in Q2 with a 1: 24,419 and was for that reason much faster than Max Verstappen, which is likewise on fresh soft. He had lost 4 tenths

He leaves 13th place. Sebastian Vettel protects the leading 10 with 8th place

The very first times are set: the first times in Q2 are set. George Russell delivers a 1: 25.263

Very first time of Latin: The very first time in certifying originates from Nicholas Latin, for whom it should most likely likewise be the last certifying in Solution 1. He drives a 1: 26,841

Formula 1: Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP now in the Linebacker result Q2

Vettel in 13th place: Sebastian Vettel is presently in 13th location in the interim ranking and will certainly have to attach another run. Mick Schumacher drives in 14th place

Verstappen wins the last credentials of the season: Max Verstappen had revealed a strong very first run in Q3, which had actually finally been enough for the poles. Sergio Pérez becomes 2nd and hence has the much better cards towards Charles Leclerc, who will begin as 3rd in the battle for 2nd location in the World Cup. Qualifying was quite a bit up and down, reports Max Verstappen in the winner’s face

Prior to the start: The path in Abu Dhabi is 5.2 kilometers long. The racetrack is situated on the island of Was, a headland that was cut off the mainland by a channel. She has sixteen curves. The Was Marina Circuit was modified for the 2021 season. This hopes that the path ends up being more surpassing

Q1 finished: Q1 has ended, and Mick Schumacher also conserves himself in the Q2! He is further eleventh. Kevin Rasmussen, Pierre Gaily, Valtteri Bottas, Alex Albion and Nicholas Latin are out

End Qualifying: Qualifying on Was Marina Circuit has actually ended. With Hamilton and Russell, Mercedes provides the 3rd series of start. Lando Norris ends up being seventh prior to Icon. Sebastian Vettel becomes ninth ahead of Daniel Riccardo throughout his last qualifying

Boxen funk Lewis Hamilton: Lewis Hamilton is notified that he is missing three tenths towards Sergio Pérez. Three tenths? Asks the Brit in shock

Red Bull sets completion: The 2 Red Bull set the last point in certifying. Max Verstappen drives ahead of Sergio Pérez

Max Verstappen wins the qualifying of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: It is clear that the poles will go to Max in Abu Dhabi tomorrow at the final in Abu Dhabi. The Dutch prevailed against team-mate Sergio Pérez, who might not make the most of the contributed slipstream and landed 0.228 seconds behind. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz form the second series

Q2 began: It continues with Q2 and the struggle for the leading ten places. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are the first motorists to go back on the track. You are on a utilized soft

Vettel on a good round: Sebastian Vettel is back on a great round and enhances fifth place. Does it manage to secure the leading ten when he stated farewell? Schumacher also enhances 8th place, but it could still be tight for him

The last runs: Increasingly more pilots are going back on the track. The final stage in the Q2 has broken down. Vettel and Schumacher are now on the track with fresh soft

New finest time by Charles Leclerc in Q1: Charles Leclerc marks a new best time in Q1 with a 1: 25.211. Everybody in the field is currently driving the soft

Boxing radio Max Verstappen: Max Verstappen asks that you look at your head protection right away. I think it’s broken, said the world champ

Vettel heads out quickly: Sebastian Vettel will only use a fresh tire embedded in the last qualifying area and is now attempting to utilize the empty path. Daniel Riccardo does it. All others are presently in the pit lane to prepare for the last runs

Vettel in 8th location: Sebastian Vettel can be discovered in good eighth place after the very first runs in Q2. Like the majority, he had driven the first run on the pre-owned sentence of the soft. The Mercedes are going on the track for the 2nd time and are now depending on a fresh soft

New finest time of Max Verstappen in Q1: It does not take long, then the 2 Red Bull press themselves to the leading positions. Verstappen drives a 1: 24,754 best time off Sergio Pérez, who was just 66 thousandths slow

Square chauffeur
1 Stopped
2 Pérez
3 Saint
4 Leclerc
5 Norris
6 Vettel
7 Russell
8 Hamilton
9 Zhou
10 Sunday
11 Schumacher
12 Icon
13 Stroll
14 Riccardo
15 Alonso
16-out Rasmussen
17-out Gas
18-out Boats
19-out Albion
20-out Latin

New best time of Max Verstappen in Q3: Max Verstappen comes over the line and secures the new best time in Q3 with 1: 23,988 minutes. 1: 23,988 minutes it is essential to beat for the competition. Vettel is simply heading out. You desire to avoid traffic

Papa Vettel takes a look at: When Vettel leaves the Aston Martin garage, his father Norbert gives an announcement: Come on, let’s go, he agrees in the crew and the box is in the exact same method

Before the start: Whatever is focused on the locations behind it. With 19 points behind Ferrari, Mercedes still has opportunities in second place. Alpine and McLaren also separate 19 points in the battle for fourth place

All used tires: All chauffeurs who have actually up until now passed the path have actually raised utilized soft ts. Just the Red Bull and the McLaren are still in the garage

We state bye-bye to qualifying in Abu Dhabi. We continue tomorrow with the grand finale of the 2022 Solution 1 season

Formula 1: Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP today in the live ticker

Before the start: Hey there and welcome to certifying at the Abu Dhabi GP!

Formula 1: Qualifying at Abu Dhabi GP today on television and Livestream

Stream the Formula 1 season live: now protect the sky ticket

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