Silk: Spider Society, new Live series

Fanttic news for Marvel fans; And it is that finally the agreement between Sony and Amazon Studios begins to bear fruit with the confirmation of its first series of the Spider verse, whose title h also been confirmed. Thus, Silk: Spider Society will be the first of multiple Marvel projects with characters related to Spider-Man that will see the light under the direction of the current showrunner of The Walking Dead, Angela King. This is confirmed by the Variety medium after talking with those responsible for a collaboration that w already announced a couple of years ago and finally begins to come true.


Silk arrives at the Marvel Universe in real action

Thus, Angela King already works alongside Spider-Man producers: Into The Spider-Hamper, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the three being also executive producers of this new arachnid series. In addition, Amy Pcal-Ex-Director of Sony, key in Sony and Marvel’s films-will form part of the creative team a visible head. At the moment there is no confirmed actress for the role of Cindy Moon/Silk or Silk in Spain.

Recall that Silk or Sea is a recurring character in the lt years of Marvel Comics part of the wide spectrum of characters related to Spider-Man And he looks for his missing family on his way to become the super heroin known Silk.

The recent animated reinvention and in Live-action of the Spider-Man franchise by Amy Pcal, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Sony represents some of the most dynamic superhero stories in the cinema, said Jennifer Sale, director of Amazon Studios. Together with Angela King’s creative vision, we couldn’t be more pleed to bring Silk: Spider Society to our MGM+ clients and Prime Video.

We could not be more anxious to give life to the adventures of Cindy Moon, thanks to the creative dream team of Chris and Phil, Angela and Amy, along with our partners in Marvel and Amazon, added Katherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures TV. We know that this exciting series with new stories and characters and never seen before will surprise the audiences that see it first in MGM+ and then worldwide in Prime Video.

And it is that the Marvel series of Amazon and Sony will first arrive at MGM+ for a subsequent international distribution through Prime Video. Recall that Sony h control of some 900 characters directly related to Spider-Man, so we can expect much more Spider Halls on television and film. Will we see Silk and other Spider verse characters part of the UCM? Silk: Spider Society still h no relee date.