The golf will finally arrive at the Nintendo Switch Sports next week


Nintendo Switch Sports reached the market in April this year. Although the gameplay of this sports collection is fun, the lack of content caused the number of players to decrease substantially in recent months. Now, after a pair of delays, it has been confirmed that golf will finally arrive at Nintendo Switch Sports next week.

Through his official Twitter account, Nintendo revealed that free golf update for Switch Sports will be available on November 28. Here we can find 21 holes from the Wii Sports series. There will also be casual competition options and a survival golf mode for eight players.

Outside this, for the moment it is unknown when a new update arrives at Switch Sports. Remember, the golf update will be available on November 28. In related issues, Nintendo reward for players for the closure of these servers.

Editor’s note:

The question is: Who continues to play Nintendo Switch Sports? Although the game was a success in sales, and the gameplay is still very fun, the lack of content murdered this experience. We can only expect to see what will happen to this delivery in the future.