NBA Rumors Golden State Warriors desire to include a big guy like Jakob Poeltl or Myles Turner

It’s difficult to say if this is a major issue for Golden State. Stephen Curry, Raymond Green, and Play Thompson will not be there forever. Should the Warriors make a trade and quit the similarity James Wiseman, Jonathan Kunming or Moses Moody?

Poet is among the NBA’s finest protectors around the rim and can be a huge aid for the Warriors. Turner is also an elite protector around the rim and can hit outdoors shots.

Among these players might be moved, according to recent reports, which man is Wiseman. The two players that Golden State seems to be thinking about are San Antonio Spurs center Jakob Poet and Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner.

The biggest reason the Warriors are struggling is their bench. That system, consisting of almost all of their young guys, hasn’t been able to finish the job.

For one, it’s the start of the season. Even without a trade, Golden State must be great.

The start of the season for the Golden State Warriors hasn’t gone as numerous expected. At 8-10 and 11th in the Western Conference, Golden State requires figuring it out soon in to win another champion like they did a season ago.

NBA reporter Eric Pincus reported:

Warriors might add Myles Turner or Jakob Poet

It’s still early, and his career and will want to continue establishing, whether that be with Golden State or a various team.

The Warriors will have some hard choices to make on their more youthful men in the future.

It’s difficult to say if this is a major problem for Golden State. There are numerous factors to believe about with Golden State. Trading their young players might be a good choice now because they can get an experienced gamer.


Even without a trade, Golden State should be great.

There are several factors to consider with Golden State. Trading their young players might be an excellent decision now since they can get a knowledgeable player. However, trading them now might return to harm them in the future.

James Wiseman was expected to be a monster coming into the NBA as the No. 2 pick in 2020 and hasn’t lived up to the hype just.

If the Golden State Warriors add a veteran like Myles Turner or Jakob Poet, it might be just what this group needs. There have been several cases where an NBA team makes a trade and begins playing better.