Gene Shift Auto, the multiplayer inspired by GTA, will leave next week after five years in early access

Ben Johnson (Lancelot), responsible for Gene Shift Auto, has announced that its multiplayer title will be accessed early on Monday, November 28.

The title was launched in a state of Early Access back in May 2017, as a title that was already inspired by the Rockstar Games saga (especially those who have a zenith, such as the first or Chinatown Wars) but that was not too defined more defined Beyond that you could play competitively and cooperatively. Over time, he ended up adding a Battle Royale mode to adapt to recent dynamics of this type of games as a service until his imminent final launch in just three days.

The funny thing here is that Gene Shift Auto, you see it, leaves its early access after no less than five and a half years, with a final version that will arrive in the form of free-to-play.


As reported on its Valve store page, this title has been developing for more than 10 years, with a first demo that was launched there by 2009 and additions that have evolved over time based on The suggestions of the users who have been able to give it a taint. The idea has mutated even demanding five-minute PVP VE games in which we will have to hurry to create our Build and have something to do in the decisive moments of the meetings.

While the playable experience should not change too much with the launch of its 1.0, they confirm that there will be a little more: more vehicles, more weapons, more maps and more game modes.

Here you can take a look at your card in Steam.