World Cup 2022 Controversial remark ZDF wishes to speak to Sandro Wagner

Germany’s World Cup look versus Spain still has an after-effect for Sandro Wagner. The former nationwide striker, who accompanied the 1-1 draw on Sunday evening in the Always Stadium as co-commentator by Oliver Schmidt on ZDF, needed to listen to criticism due to the fact that of a sentence in the final stage, to which the broadcaster now likewise responded.


I thought earlier, the entire curve has plenty of Germany fans, Wagner stated in the 79th minute. Then I just observed that these are the Qatari an bathrobes. By this, the ex-professional suggested the long white robes called Thaw in Qatar and other areas of the Arabian Peninsula, which lots of guys also use on the planet Cup arenas.

IDF: We will discuss this

When some users complained about Wagner’s ill-mannered way as racist, the ZDF responded with a short declaration: Sandro Wagner’s statement about the Thaw was regrettably in an emotional stage of the video game, stated the broadcaster. Other Twitter users, on the other hand, went too far.

In the game he spoke, to name a few things, after a check by Antonio Rudder on the objective line of a regular battle in Berlin-Wedding or discussed an exceptional dribbling of Jamal Musial on the best side with the words: World class imposed against two. Even playing, however said: Nah, before I give the monastery male the ball, I prefer to do it alone..

Previously, the 34-year-old coach of Sprig Interacting had actually consistently promoted the transmission of the second German group video game with a mix of flippant and expert comments. When it was about the German team quickly prior to the kick-off that the German team had to mentally develop a wagon castle versus Spain after the 1-2 defeat against Japan, when he included, when he included, always in the Wagner-Burg to have been my own