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How to get the Sakin Mg38 drawing Endless Night in Warzone 2 DMZ

Call of Duty: War zone DMZ awards players with exclusive weapons and skins of operators for performing fractions missions. In the final mission of the 3rd level Black Mouse Faction, Natural Treasure, there is a drawing of Endless Night weapons for the Skin Mg38 manual machine gun as a reward for execution.


How to unlock the mission Natural Treasures in COD DMZ

The mission of the Treasure of Nature is unlocked only after the basic missions from level 3 Black Mouse. You need to complete any five missions from the next list, so you can skip the one that seems to you the most difficult:

  1. Perfection
    • Complete the contract with a cache with weapons in the raid without getting your body damage.
  2. Fast and dirty
    • Complete the contract for the elimination of HVT in less than two minutes.
  3. Rat on the roof
    • Kill 20 enemies in the city of Asmara with a shot from a sniper rifle.
  4. Kill six operatives in the city of Asmara from a sniper rifle (you can kill players with any weapon and complete the murder with a sniper)
  5. Unarmed and dangerous
    • Infill solo without weapons
    • Exile in the same deployment without selection of weapons
  6. A connoisseur of vintage
    • Deliver 20 wine bottles to any garbage dead end.
  7. Deliver 11 bottles of aged wine to any garbage cache.

  • Remove three old wine bottles.
  • Kit
    • Evacuate with one backpack with $200,000 in cash and values.

How to fulfill the mission Treasures of Nature in a demilitarized zone

To assign the Treasures of Nature, you need to find and plunder three hidden containers scattered along Asmara. These caches with prey appear in fixed places, and we noted them for you on the images of the map above. When plundering the first and second containers, be sure to take the document so that the progress of the mission is counted, no matter what you are doing with the remaining objects.

The first container can be found in an oasis that is west of the village of Tara. You can easily find a radioactive container next to the U-shaped basin with water. For the second container, go to the southwestern coast of Asmara near the village of Save. In the marked place you will find a cache with prey, hidden underwater among sandy shallows. Finally, return to the village of Tara, cross the river and open the third container located under the palm trees. From the third cache you need to collect an irradiated drill and remove it using this subject to complete the mission of Treasures of Nature and unlock the awards.

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