Dieter Müller I was obsessed with scoring goals

Given that 1969, the has actually offered the objective scorer cannon to the most successful Bundesliga striker of the season.
In the meantime there is likewise a trophy in the amateur area.
In our interview series, legendary leading scorers discuss their profession.
Today: Dieter Müller.
Which club did you start to kick?
At SG Götzenhain south of Frankfurt am Main.
My grandparents lived there, where I matured.
Were you a striker as a child?
Yes, at that time I often did 7 to eight boxes per video game.
Ball game of the goal has actually always been easy for me.
Who was your good example?
In general tennis star Bjorn Borg.
And in football Pele.
I just believed it was excellent.
He was a total striker.

With this video game I ended up being the world star and then likewise leading scorer of the tournament.
That altered my life.

Dieter Müller to 4: 2 versus Yugoslavia at the EM 1976
What was your most essential objective?
My payment for 2: 2 against Yugoslavia in the semi-finals of the European Champion 1976. I was substituted at 1: 2 and scored the objective after a couple of seconds in the very first international match for Germany with the first touch of the ball.
Two goals followed once again, and we won 4: 2.
With this game I ended up being the world star and then also a leading scorer of the tournament.
That altered my life.
Who was your best teammate?
Here my fantastic Cologne colleagues Heinz Floe and Wolfgang Overate remain in one breath.
In Bordeaux, it was the Frenchman Alain Grease.
Who was your best challenger?
Charly Corbel was very uncomfortable.
It was pretty Nicky and always hold on to by doing this.
Never in a malignant way.
Which opposing goalkeeper was the very best?
Sept Maier.
He had an excellent existence in the objective and also an impressive penalty location control.
His record maintains to this day: On August 17, 1977, Dieter Müller scored six goals in the Bundesliga for 1. FC Cologne.
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What was your strength?
I was constantly very strong.
This was since I always trained a lot I was of it to score goals with the header pendulum.
I was also consumed with scoring goals.
… and what was your weak point?
Maybe I was too delicate.
Often I let myself be affected excessive from the exterior.
Who is presently the very best striker in the Bundesliga?
I currently like Christopher Skunk from Leipzig really much.
I don’t see any much better in the league.


Although it is certainly also essential to Randal Solo Mani of Eintracht Frankfurt.
Which amateur club are you still connected?
The SG Götzenhain, my house club.
I already take one or the other contact there.
Where are your 2 goalscorer cannons?
That’s a good concern.
I no longer have both, and I don’t know when and where they were lost to me.

That is a bit unfortunate.
Maybe the can get me another one?