Bundesliga Double leadership is obviously expected to be Donata Hopfen as DFL

We constantly have sessions. I do not have to rumble huge now. There will be a session soon. These are topics that I can’t discuss them openly.

For the DFL cheeky post, a double idea including Axel Hellman from Eintracht Frankfurt and Oliver Levi from SC Freiburg is under discussion.
The DPA reports.
According to a kicker report, nevertheless, the previous DFL employer Donate Hop fen need to stand in front of completion.
The contract of the 46-year-old, who had actually just taken over the office from Christian Seifert in early January, is to be dissolved prior to Christmas.


A choice regarding hops of the future will be made next Wednesday at a conference of the DFL supervisory board.
The double leaders from Hellman and Levi are apparently ready as an interim solution if the 46-year-old has to resign.
Due to the fact that it had actually not commented on definitive topics such as the 50 +1 conversation, Hop fen was just recently criticized internally.
DFL employees are likewise stated to have actually echoed up in the DFL headquarters.
Hertha-BSC Managing Director Fred BBC, one of the six supervisory board members, recently just recently verified an upcoming session to Magenta TV.
We constantly have sessions. There will be a session soon.
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Nevertheless, he denied a repaired detachment.

These are topics that I can’t discuss them publicly. I shouldn’t discuss that in public either. What must I reject it if it is not.