5 Reasons Why The Moroccan World Cup Team Has The Best Fans

Morocco is one of the most passionate football countries in the world, with Moroccan fans showing their support for their team until the very end. Check out this blog post for 5 reasons why the Moroccan World Cup team has some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic fans.

The Moroccan fans ran out the edge and band after their team’s World Cup semi-finals through the 1-0 against Portugal in Doha.
Thousands commemorated on the streets of Casablanca and other cities in the country, and the flag was proudly swung.
Again and again the fans yelled exuberantly: We are qualified!
The success of the Lower com Atlas is historic, since a group from the African continent has never ever reached the semi-finals of a World Cup.
The cheering events in Morocco started immediately after the last whistle, the kingdom remained in the Freudentaumel.
In the course of the competition in Qatar, the North Africans had beaten the 2016 European Championship champ in the course of the competition in Belgium, ex-world champion Spain and now in Portugal around Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo.
In Casablanca, the red flags with the green star were seen all over the windows of your houses, on the markets and the stands.
The nation’s brand-new heroes are coach Valid Regroup, Chelsea-Star Hakim Zilch and the ex-Dortmund Ashraf Hakim from Paris St. German.
In lots of places in the Arab world, the success of the Moroccans was celebrated, consisting of in Palestine, in East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and Allah.
There, the success of the Moroccans was celebrated with fireworks, cheers and the roar by strong horns.
In Morocco there was always the flag of Palestine at the celebrations.
In Paris, numerous Moroccans also celebrated the World Cup accomplishment on the Champs-Élysées, and in Italy there were also cheering events of the North Africans.
They lit firecrackers and fireworks, drummed loudly and waved the Moroccan flag on the streets and squares.
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Nevertheless, a 30-year-old was hurt in the crowd by knife stings and was required to the hospital.


His condition was important, Italian media reported.
In Bologna there were cars and truck torsos and up performances.
Moroccans gathered to the streets in several cities in the northern Italian region of Liguria, in which a large Moroccan community lives.