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Chris Met zen, the man behind such iconic characters as Thrall and Art has, is back at Blizzard. Chris has announced that he will be an advisor to the company on creative matters and will also contribute to upcoming games.

When Chris Met zen revealed his departure from Blizzard in September 2016, coworkers and fans were alike.
The then senior vice president of story and franchise advancement already worked for the Californian when the company name was spelled C h an o s t u d i o s.
It was he who created the foundation for the Warcraft universe with his documentary, art work and illustrations.
He was also able to put his stamp on the other successful franchises Diablo and Star craft, especially in the story area, however also in design or as a voice star.
His looks at Blazon, in which he knew how to get the fans on site, from the most recent announcement like no other Blizzard developer, are famous.

back to Warcraft

The reasons for his departure from Blizzard were understandable.
After the Titan disaster, he was frustrated and stressed out.

The panic attacks began one or two years prior to his resignation.
He wanted to spend more time with his household and concentrate on things he loves which do him excellent.
In October 2020 we reported that Met zen and his buddy Mike Gil martin (previous Vice President of Quality Assurance at Blizzard) established a company to establish tabletop adventures.
Chris Met zen still seems to be the CCO of War chief Gaming.
In addition, General Supervisor John High has actually now announced with apparent pride on the main WoW site that Met zen has actually gone back to the Blizzard household, as an imaginative specialist for the Warcraft Management Team.
Specifically, the announcement says:
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Citizens of Zeroth,
I am really pleased with the truth that Chris Met zen signed up with the Warcraft Leadership group as an innovative advisor.
Chris will initially concentrate on World of Warcraft (purchase now) and then broaden his work to other projects of this growing franchise.
Chris was among the first string members who dealt with the advancement of the Warcraft universe in 1994, and we are very happy to reunite him with the world he developed.
John High
General Manager, Warcraft Under the tweet embedded above, it turns out how popular and saw Met zen is still with his fans and colleagues.
Author Christie Golden composes, for instance: I laugh and cry and do all the other things that show my delight.
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