How to Go Through The Trail After the Robbery of Pummarola And Skull Of Omanyak From A Crazy Forest

Bun Arabic is one of three secret characters that can be unlocked in Vampire Survivors, represented at 0.6.1.
Players first need to solve the riddle in order to unlock it.
As soon as you solve the riddle, it is quite easy to unlock it, and in this leadership we will show you how to do it.

Riddle Go after the trace after the robbery of the summarily and the skull of Romania from the crazy forest.

Solve the riddle follow the trail after the robbery of the summary and the skull of Romania from the crazy forest is simple, just perform the following actions:
First you need to collect a yellow sign.
Collect 100 floor chickens.
The game will calculate all the chickens that you have picked up to this point.
You really do not need to do this in one pass.
Take the skull Romania as well as Summarily in a crazy forest.
You can also choose them with an increase in level.
Summarily is a passive object marked by the icon of the red heart.
Increases recovery by 0.2 per level.
Both the skull is Romania and Summarily at least 1 for this quest.
Follow the pies that begin to spawn in the footsteps.
They will lead you to the boss.
He will immediately begin to move towards you, but very slowly.
If you leave the path, you can start moving away from it, so be sure to stay on the trail.
Sometimes it will not be easy to detect pies because of all this chaos, and they will appear less often than you are closer to the location of the boss, so keep your ear

Victory over Bun Markab

Luna Arabic is best defeated in the battle for exhaustion due to its large health reserve.
He does not have a distant battle ability, except for a small fireball, which you can easily avoid.
He moves very slowly, so you can overtake him and kick.
Furthermore, he has an incredibly large amount of HP, so his murder will take quite a lot of time.
Let your abilities clear the way in front of you while he pursues you, and continue to cause him damage.


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