Angela Merkel Helped Jürgen Klinsmann At The Summer Fairy Tale

It is not just the German national team who are grateful to Angela Merkel. The Chancellor has, according to the ex-national coach Jürgen Kinsman, also been a large part of the summer fairy tale of Germany’s footballers.

According to ex-national coach Jürgen Kinsman, the then Chancellor Angela Merkel had a big part in the Summer fairy tale 2006 of the German national group.
After a 1: 4 defeat against Italy shortly prior to the start of the 2006 house World Cup, parts of the DFB wished to get rid of him, Kinsman informed the mirror.
The Chancellor called him in California and said: Jürgen, can I in some way help?
Merkel then assisted him to organize an appearance at a meeting of editor-in-chief in Tuscany, where Kinsman promoted support: And then we all stated: Okay.
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After the choice of the German Football Association (DFB) in the semi-finals in 2006, the later world champion Italy stopped working (0: 2 n.V.), the Kinsman team dominated in the game for 3rd place against Portugal 3: 1.