The Significance Of The Regional Leaves Go Early In The Winter Break

It had currently suggested.
Currently, last week, the frosty temperatures had actually significantly influenced the video game in Germany and led to a genuine flood of cancellations.

A week later, after many cancellations, it is now clear: Regional league football says farewell to winter break too soon.
Eleven video games need to have been going on in the German regional leagues this weekend before it would lastly have actually entered into the well-deserved winter break.
While in the west (Bolt against Fortuna Perfume) and southwest (Hesse Kassel versus Cofferdam II), only one catch-up game had actually been with each, the entire 17th match day ought to in fact be finished in the northeast.
Nothing will end up being of this.
Currently, at the beginning of the week there were the very first video game cancellations in the northeast.
The icy weather report for the weekend quickly let the other episodes, so that it was already clear on Wednesday that the entire match day would not take location.
Frozen places such as in the Erfurt Stagehand Stadium, where the domestic red-white Erfurt had really received the VSG Altglienicke on Friday night, was not uncommon in Germany.


Timetable 2023

The German regional leagues will just continue in the calendar year 2023. The local league northeast is the start, which is formally introduced on the 18th match day on January 26th.
When the 17th match day will be made up is not yet understood.
On the first weekend in February (4.02.2023), the Regionally Nor dost and West will go back to the video game.
The regional league Bayern does not begin up until the 25th match day up until the end of February (24.02.2023), the southwest season even a week in the future March 4, 2023.