The Taskforce Comes Together: Where Does German Football Go After The World Cup Disappointment?

The German national team just finished a disappointing performance in the 2018 World Cup. The DFB is looking for ways to find solutions to their problems and in order to do so, they have set up an advisory group from outside the association itself.

Everything for a summer fairy tale 2.0: On the first G7 top, the course for an effective house European Championship started.
The frame was rather modest for a G7 summit.
Efficient pictures in an extra-large beach chair or in front of the picturesque background of the Alpine Panorama were unarmed to admire on Thursday.
In the published picture, the best-mooded lead characters were seen in a meeting room in the DFB school in Frankfurt/Main.

Now the conversation content at the very first session of the recently founded, seven-member Taskforce of the German Football Association is also not excitedly awaited with those at the conferences of the most effective on the planet.

DFB talks intensely about duties

6 of the 7 members were personally present, just Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was changed on by video.
After the frustrating efficiency at the World Cup in Qatar, we talked intensively about possibilities and ways how we can successfully create the 2024 European tournament in our own nation reunite, stated DFB President Bernd Bettendorf, according to a DFB press release.
In connection with the follower of the resigned DFB managing director Oliver Bailiff, it was initially concerned with responsibilities, profiles and duties.
Bettendorf: Concrete workers propositions have not yet been discussed. We have actually accepted continue the debate about the required course in January.
The conversation round was led by Bettendorf and Hans-Joachim Wake, the Supervisory Board of German Football League.


Audi Roller, Oliver Mintzlaff, Matthias Summer and Oliver Khan were personally present, Rummenigge by screen.


Germany should be behind the team
The objective for the G7 is clear.
How can you make the broken nationwide team ship brisk for the house European Championships 2024 again?
What ideas help captain Hansi Flick?
And who should change the pilot Bailiff that went off?
Above all, the tournament in their own country hovers in 18 months.
We need to move the national group back into another, much better light. At the EM 2024, the entire of Germany has to lag the team once again, stated Mainz s director Christian Handel in the Build.
How is that expected to succeed?
The alienation in between the former enjoyed among the Germans and the fans recently grew, the campfire of the nation when conjured up by Bailiff has gone out.
It must now be clear which way you want to go with the national team in the future, said Handel and asked: How do you place the team?

brand-new job description for Bailiff followers?

To do this, Rummenigge, Roller, Khan, Summer and Mintzlaff need to find the best beer successor and redefine its role.
As a s director, the brand-new guy needs to probably move close to the group and thus likewise to Flick.
Fred BBC will continue to function as a hot prospect.
Bundesliga club Bertha BSC would not put any stones in its method to his managing director of, BBC also signaled determination: I reside in truth, and football can be so dynamic.
The cubes will not fall that quickly.
Bettendorf urged precision from speed prior to the very first meeting.
At the beginning of the year, the meetings will be intensified.
An end date was not set, however we understand that we need rate.
For the European Champion, you only have a shot that has to sit, alerted Bettendorf.

World Cup heroes from Morocco as a role design

This likewise uses to Flick.
The future concern in addition to Thomas Müller and Play Gunboat as well as with Thomas Müller and Play Gunboat.
Flick must basically rethink his personnel, but also his design of play.
At the World Cup in Qatar, the successful teams rely on a stable defensive.
The finalists France and Argentina have actually conceded as lots of objectives in their six video games as Germany in 3 (5).
The Morocco marvelous group built a practically overwhelming bulwark a minimum of till the semi-finals through a working community.
The group is the star with us. It wasn’t that method with Hansi Flick, slammed the previous Bundesliga expert and Moroccan worldwide Abderrahim Quail.
The four-time world champion needs to develop this determination to work, discipline, passion and greed after three bitter competition dissatisfaction with a view to the hoped-for summer season fairy tale 2.0.
This is clear to the professional body, the structure of which has not just set off enthusiasm.
However, that is not various at the genuine G7 top.